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Why Make Your Own Alcohol for Post-SHTF

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It’s very important to prepare for both short term and long term emergencies. Especially when preparing for the long term, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough items set aside for both medical and bartering/trading purposes. Both of these things will become extremely important in day-to-day life post-SHTF. …

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How Should People With Disabilities Prepare

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Prepping is cumbersome for anyone, but for those who are have the added challenge of dealing with a chronic illness or disability,, even a simple bugout can be a challenge. Ultimately, if you or a family memberhas a disability, then prepping will take careful planning above and beyond what the …

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Tactical Home Defense: How to Make Your Home Bulletproof

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Let’s begin today’s article with a little known factoid. According to an official statistic from the US Department of Justice, 60% of rapes and 38% of assaults occur during or in the aftermath of home invasions. What’s worse, 1 in 5 homes (that’s 20% of US residences) will experience a …

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How To Sharpen Your Survival Knife

updated Apr 21st 2017 by Eric W. Eichenberger A dull knife is about as useful as a fork in a survival situation. It is extremely important to keep your knife sharp and as close to peak condition as possible. To constantly have your blade in cutting shape, you must carry and …

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How to Make Your Own Alcohol for Post-SHTF [VIDEO]

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Alcohol has been made, used, and consumed by people for thousands of years. For example, cereal grains were used to make beer in Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Later on, the Greeks and the Romans began producing wine and used it as a part of their social and religious traditions …

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What’s a Prepper?

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OK, so you heard about preppers and survivalists and you wanted to dig a little deeper. This is probably why you landed on this page. Fair enough. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know but I have to tell you right from the start that preppers and …

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How to Live Without a Fridge

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Why would anyone want to live without a fridge? This is a valid question especially when 99.8% of Americans own fridges according to government data made available in 2018. However, millions of people in Africa and Asia are forced to live without fridges either because there is no power available …

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How To Properly Bury Your Cache

Caching is the art of hiding your preps and equipment secure storage spaces so that you can dig them up when you need them later. The best caches are easily recovered by the owner, but virtually impossible for anyone else to find. The cache should be chosen for its subtlety …

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Military and Navy SEAL Video Exercises to Improve Your Fitness

We talked in a previous article about the importance of fitness in a survival situation, regardless of whether you plan to bug in or bug out. We spoke about the four things you need to improve if you want to be prepared from a physical standpoint, namely strength, stamina, speed, and flexibility. Now, …

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20 Biggest Survival Myths Exposed

There is a lot of information out there on the best way to prep for an upcoming natural disaster or governmental breakdown. Many tidbits and so-called “facts” are spread via Internet articles, TV shows, or even conversations with like-minded friends. Sadly, there is a growing number of tips that are, …

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What To Do When You’re Being Followed

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Everyone has thought about what it must be like to pick up a “tail.” From spy movies to the stuff of nightmares, the thought that someone might be following you, stalking you, is a sharp and primal fear. While it makes for fun and frightening tales, being followed is no …

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11 Creative Ways to Keep Your Preps Safe

You worked long and hard to build your stockpile. You spent money, made mistakes, and you rely on it to keep yourself and your family well fed and protected after a crisis or natural disaster hits. Even though today no one’s going to risk stealing your stockpile, its value is going …

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43 Prepping Mistakes to Never-Ever Make

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Quick question: how prepared are you really for what’s about to come? The reason I’m asking is because I’ve seen a A LOT of prepping mistakes over the years. And you know what my conclusion is? That you don’t know what you don’t know. In other words, what you don’t …

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Schooling in a Post-SHTF World

It is the goal of many of us is to prepare not only for the collapse of society as we know it, but to prepare to rebuild and move on after that collapse has run its course. We have ensured we have enough tools, food, and weaponry to make it …

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How to Prep If You’re a Teenager

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Preparing for a potential disaster is important for anybody. Even it you’re too young or think you’re too young, prepping is important. It’s not just for old people who are concerned with government or the way things are going in their country, or who are convinced the end of the …

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3 Hours Until S.H.T.F. What You Need to Buy

One of the most exciting things about prepping is that we get to give our brain a good work-out by imagining in detail how things will go down. Based on what’s happening to other people around the world every day, we’re trying to determine when and how things will go down for …

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41 Things You Can Do to Prep That Are 100% Free

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Do you know what happens when newbies get into prepping and survival? They buy stuff. And it’s usually gear they regret getting 6 months later when they know better. Little do they know there’s an entire list of things they can do to increase their chances of survival, things that are 100% free. …

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How to Sharpen a Chainsaw

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Many preppers are happy when they buy a chainsaw thinking it will be of tremendous help in various SHTF situations. But very few remember to plan for sharpening their chainsaw. Using a blunt chainsaw is a waste of time and energy, not to mention a safety hazard. Just like any …

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Your Customized Family Emergency Plan

There’s no doubt that emergency situations are hectic. When you add family members to the equation and the amount of chaos can double or even triple. In an emergency situation, the ability to act quicky and calmy can be the difference between life and death for you and your loved …

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