10 Non-Electric EMP-Proof Devices to Get

If SHTF because of an EMP, the world as we know it will change rapidly. Many devices that we rely on every day could simply stop working. Although scientists have an idea of what the effects of a wide scale EMP would be on electrical devices, it’s difficult to know for certain which ones would hold up and which would simply quit.

Suffice it to say that any devices with electronic circuits or electrical wiring could be at risk of failure. So, if you’re trying to get prepared for a catastrophic event like an EMP, don’t get caught with your pants down, here are top 10 EMP proof devices that don’t need electricity to save your life.

1. Draw Knife

Assuming you already carry a fixed or folding knife as part of your EDC, a draw knife is an EMP proof device that will come in handy in an extended SHTF situation.

It can be used to remove bark from trees you’ve cut and to shape tree a tree limb to replace your broken ax or shovel handle or even to make your own bow for hunting.

2. Bicycle Air Pump

Did you know that it is possible to pump up a vehicle tire with one of those hand powered bike pumps? You may need a can of fix a flat on hand to keep the tire from going flat again.

But depending on the type of flat you have, a bike pump just might get you back on the road to your bug out location.

3. Hand Tools

Cross-cut saw either a one or two person version. This will be essential for cutting down trees to build or reinforce fencing or get a tree that has fallen across the road out of your way.

Various other hand tools will be important too, such as screwdrivers, pipe wrenches, an ax, shovels, linesman pliers, and hammers.

water pump

4. Manual Water Pump

One of the EMP proof devices that don’t need electricity to save your life is a manual water pump. It’s one of the little things that is often overlooked by those who get their water via a well.

If your electric pump stops working after an EMP, that well full of water will be useless without a way to get the water up to the surface. Make sure you include a manual water pump.

can opener

5. Can Opener

All those canned goods you’ve stockpiled will be pretty hard to use if all you have on hand is an electric powered can opener. Sure there are ways to open a can without a can opener but you’re going to need to reserve your energy for other tasks.

Get yourself a good quality manual can opener or two, preferably one with a bottle opener on one end and store with your stockpile.

6. Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator

Okay maybe this doesn’t seem quite as critical as some of the other life saving EMP-proof devices, but if you’re a die hard coffee drinker or know someone who is, you’ll agree it’s needed.

Get one that is stainless steel and you’ll be able to make your morning coffee on a BBQ grill, woodstove, or even over an open fire if need be.

The best thing about the percolator is that it has its own basket filter so you don’t have to worry about stockpiling paper coffee filters.

A French Press doesn’t need electricity and is another way to make a great cup of coffee.

7. Lighters

When SHTF due to an EMP, the ability to make fire is going to be critical for a variety of survival tasks. Make sure you’ve stockpiled plenty of those disposable lighters including a few windproof lighters, and some waterproof matches.

For good measure, add a fire-striker or two and different types of portable tinder. Dryer lint soaked in Vaseline and stuffed inside an empty toilet paper roll makes a great fire starter, especially on those days when wet weather makes finding tinder difficult.

8. Portable Heater

When SHTF after an EMP, modern gas powered furnaces will quit working because the electronic ignition won’t work.

Yes, older gas powered furnaces could be lit manually but the newer ones automatically close the valve to the gas supply which means you can’t light the furnace manually.

A portable heater like Mr. Buddy is one of the EMP proof devices that don’t require electricity to save your life.

The heater runs on propane and uses a hammer strike ignition that doesn’t need power.

The fan on the heater may not be operational if the battery was fried by the EMP but the heater should still put out enough heat to keep you from freezing in cold weather.


9. Guns & Ammunition

It goes without saying that guns and ammunition are among the top 10 EMP proof devices that don’t need electricity to save your life.

The guns you stockpile will primarily depend on your personal preferences, laws in your area, and your level of training.

Make sure you keep your guns well maintained so you can rely on them when the need arises. Following an EMP, it’s best to keep guns and ammunition primarily for self defense.

Make sure you have more discreet methods of hunting, such as bow and arrows, slingshot, and traps to avoid announcing to anyone within earshot that you just caught dinner.

10. Bicycle

The final one of our EMP proof devices that don’t need electricity to save you life is the bicycle. Although it is possible that some cars, especially older models, will withstand an EMP, it’s difficult to know for sure.

But a bicycle doesn’t require electricity to operate which means it can provide life-saving transportation for your bug out or just transportation in general following an EMP event.

With just a few modifications, mountain bikes and many other bicycles are a fairly inexpensive option for reliable transportation.

You can even add a bike trailer to help you transport life saving resources such as fresh water, firewood, and even small game back to your location.

Final Word

Which of these EMP proof devices do you already have at the ready? I know there are plenty of other tools that are EMP proof that didn’t make the top 10, so feel free to include them in a comment below. And don’t forget to pin this to Pinterest for later.

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6 thoughts on “10 Non-Electric EMP-Proof Devices to Get”

  1. 1st, no manual can opener is worth a damn except a P38. Google it if you don’t know what that is. 2nd, propane? Yeah with no power how will you refill it. Kerosene heaters are inexpensive and have 1 moving part, the wick. And kerosene stores for years if tightly sealed. And buy jar candles when they are in sale at Walmart. They last for days and don’t drip. Buy lighters by the bulk, it’s far cheaper that way. And get a dual fuel camp stove that runs in car gasoline. You will need gasoline to run you cars sparingly and generator and chain saw. Also get 2 stoke engine oil for chainsaws. Also get manual chainsaw sharpening files. And portable solar panels, not fixed ones . People will steal you fixed ones in the 1st month of SHTF. Think like a criminal, to prepare

  2. TheSouthernNationalist

    For those with older cars like myself yes they will work, but the gas pumps wont so stock up on fuel and put some fuel conditioner in it. Bad news is it still wont last forever so I would use most of my fuel for chain saw, generator, ect.. Driving a car or truck around after SHTF might not be a good idea depending on your location.

  3. Hello to you again, thanx for all the ideas, you are on the right track.
    For those who have a diesel/gasoline generator, solar cells, wind generators etc. None of them will work after they have been under an EMP. There is although hope. Look into the new idea of a anti- EMP Blanket. Around $ 70- $ 80. can be wrapped around and cover pretty large objects. Could be cut up into smaller pieces for the car electronics. The only problem, it must always be in place! No one will get a TEXT message when and where the EMP is…cover and forget. Even if the electronics are being used, they must STAY protected. Cell phone, Laptop, Remotecontrolled Satallite dish, walkie talkies, CB Radio, Ham radio, Boat motors, even your electric toothbrush could or will be affected.
    The deadly waves from a MICROWAVE can, to a certain extent, be retainen in the microwave oven by the walls and front door with the little holes. Not totally. The waves of an EMP can also be contained or reflected, to a certain extent. Google this, learn, adapt, use aluminium foil, metal mosquito screens, get an EMP blanket or two bury your stuff deep enough and protect you valuable and life saving assets so that they do not die before they can even help you, live free, GP

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