Military and Navy SEAL Video Exercises to Improve Your Fitness

We talked in a previous article about the importance of fitness in a survival situation, regardless of whether you plan to bug in or bug out.

We spoke about the four things you need to improve if you want to be prepared from a physical standpoint, namely strength, stamina, speed, and flexibility.

soldier in mud

Now, you probably know, while your average gym workout is good for building strength, it doesn’t really take care of the other three things.

This is why today I want to give you a few examples of exercises taken straight from the military and the Navy SEALs manuals, that you may want to incorporate into your survival readiness fitness routine.

Now, I know you’re probably out of shape, so don’t let words like “military” or “navy seals” discourage your from doing these exercises.

Take it easy and stick to them for the long term because it’s the only way to take your body from zero physical condition to one that will allow you to live another day post-collapse.

Let’s start off with a few basic exercises from basic army bootcamp.

ARMY Basic Combat Training US (Boot Camp) Military preparation- How to train for Army BCT

The exercises in the above video, in order:

  • flutter kicks
  • push-ups
  • jumping jacks (these are actually called side straddle hops in the Army)
  • sit-ups
  • pull-ups

Next, we have this really nice military work-out. You don’t need a gym, heck, you don’t need a lot of room to do it. Start by running in place in various ways, then you move (again) to jumping jacks and then a slew of other exercises.

It’s pretty long, over 15 minutes but don’t be afraid to pause or rewind it to do the exercises correctly. You’ll notice, again, that a lot of them are exercises you probably did in high school.

By the way, you don’t have to do the entire work-out from the get go. Try just 5 or 6 exercises, more if you can, then decide which ones you like best so you can repeat them next time.

Military Boot Camp Workout

This next workout is special. If you’re going to the gym regularly, I highly recommend you try it. What you basically need to do is to increase the speed of the repetitions:

Military Training & Bootcamp Workout - Justin Woltering

I bet you never tried this next exercise; it is called military sprints:

Military Cable Sprints

Next we have the crouch run…

Military Movement Drill - Crouch Run

… and this is the shuttle sprint:

Military Movement Dril - Shuttle Sprint


Woohoo, that was fun, right?  But we’re not done yet. What better way to finish a work-out than with some static stretching?

Let’s do some single leg overs…

…some side bridges…

…a few thigh stretches…

Well, what are you waiting for, private? Let’s do this!

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