Natural Remedies for Killing Bed Bugs

Crawling parasites can be the worst sort of nuisance, especially when you consider that in a post collapse situation there will be no running to the store for sprays, traps, or medicines. But with a few precautions using organic and all natural simple products you can live without additional “friends” in the woodwork, bedding, and on your pets.

What are they?

Bed bugs are small orangey-brown oval shaped bugs that feed directly on human blood. They are more active during the evening hours. Their numbers have soared with the increase in immigration and more international traveling. They are located all over the world and one of the most frightening facts is they like to hitch rides in suitcases to your home.

Who do they affect?

Humans. For the most part they survive solely on human blood.

How do they spread?

They are found wherever humans are found as that’s their main food source. Crowded living situations, especially hotels and apartments with a high turnover of people, spread an infestation father quickly.


The rash from a bed bug bite contains small raised bumps that are flat on top and inflame the skin. Inflammation, redness, and intense itching accompany bites.

Preventative measures

Bedbugs love to hide and finding them and eradicating their nests is the only recourse for this external pest. Look in the seams of any materials, corners, or cracks that touch fabric in bedding, bed frames, carpet, curtains, wallpaper tearing away, wicker furniture or dresser drawers. The telltale signs will be dark droppings that look like little droplets of blood, like in the seams of a bed mattress.


Sadly, there is no treatment for bedbug bites. Showering to remove them and trying to not scratch open the sores to prevent infection is the only recourse. Removing them from the area is the only way to prevent further bites.

Natural Remedies

As the bed bug has an exoskeleton, using diatomaceous earth or baking soda can eliminate them as it enters the bugs exoskeleton and dries him out from the inside by getting into his respiratory system. Sprinkle it in cracks, drawers, seams, and carpets.

box of baking soda

Boric acid can be used also, but away from pets and livestock. The best way to apply diatomaceous earth or baking soda to a mattress or hard to read spot is buy dipping a paintbrush into the mix, and then brushing it on.

baking soda dish
brush on dogs
baking soda brush points

There are a few ways to construct a bed bug trap that can help catch the stragglers.

This is a great test using only a cup to determine where an infestation is. It is a very smart and effective trick to try if you are staying somewhere or checking a place out. As bedbugs will climb up the legs of a bed or dresser, set a regular cup under the bed by the leg.

coffee cup

Check back in a few days. As they can’t climb out, any that were moving during the night then seeking refuge will be caught. Check out this horrible site from a hotel we were thinking of staying at. We didn’t stay. God knows what would’ve come home with us!

bug trap cup

Here is the most effective trap, and maybe the easiest:

bed bug bottle trap step 1
bed bug bottle trap step 2
bed bug bottle trap step 3

Creepy crawlies can happen to anyone when you venture outside, so hopefully with these tips you can apply preventative measures and treat any outbreaks.

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