Gerber Mini Remix 2 Review – My First EDC Knife

I’ve been fascinated by knives since I was a kid, and that fascination has only grown as I’ve hit my adulthood. The Gerber Mini Remix 2 is the knife that I consider to be my first EDC knife.

Why? Because it was the first (locking) knife that I carried consistently for any meaningful length of time. I do have a Swiss Army Knife which has recently made a return to my carry, and I did carry another locking knife before the Gerber, but the Gerber was the one that got the most pocket time.

Gerber Mini Remix 2


  • Overall length: 6 inches / 15.5cm (when open)
  • Blade Length: 2 ½ inches / 6.5cm
  • Blade Steel: 440c Stainless
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Locking Mechanism: Button Lock
  • Weight: approx. 4 oz. (113g)
showing my gerber remix 2 in my hand

Four Years in the Pocket

I bought this knife at a flea market, and carried it for the better part of four years – until the button lock popped out (I’ll get to this in a bit).

Right up to the day the button lock popped out, I used this blade for practically everything. The primary use was, of course, to cut biltong and droewors, but I also used it for menial tasks like removing loose threads from my clothes and opening packages.

Gerber Mini Mix 2 Review

The Gerber Mini Remix 2 was, at the time that I bought it, a replacement for the knife I’d been carrying up to that point. The knife I’d been carrying was full stainless steel, heavy, and it had a moderately aggressive blade profile. I needed something lighter and less threatening.

Half open Gerber Remix 2 knife

With that in mind, I was working at a local flea market and my turn to wander around comes so I do what I had the chance to do: I wandered around the market for a bit. I found a knife table, explained what I was looking for and, out of the options I was presented, I bought the Gerber Mini Remix 2.

As far as EDC knives go, this is a personal favorite of mine to carry. Unfortunately, like I mentioned, the button lock popped out – twice; both times it was secured in place with contact adhesive, and I recently threw a bit of electrical tape over the button just so that I can still carry it.

Closed Gerber remix 2 knife from the front

Pros: What’s Good about this Knife?

  • It’s ridiculously light, the handle material is stainless steel, but the size of the knife cuts the weight down significantly. You don’t even know it’s in your pocket – until you need it. Unfortunately, I lost the spec sheet and packaging not long after I bought the knife, so I had to do a bit of Googling to find out the weight which is around 4 oz.
  • ✅ The blade is 440c stainless (thanks again, Google) and it’s held an edge for a long time with only occasional sharpening on the bottom of an old coffee mug – yes, you can really do that. It also has a very plain, non-threatening look to it which is great for when you’re around people who are a little sensitive about knives.
  • ✅ The locking mechanism and thumb stud placement make this a very easy-to-use blade that’s perfect for beginners.
  • It’s not spring-assisted, which means I can control the speed at which the blade deploys.

Cons: What are some of the Weaknesses of this Knife?

gerber remix 2 knife sticking out of pocket
The clip doesn’t do a good job of hiding the knife…

There aren’t many problems with this knife, but it does have a few issues.

  • ❌ It’s a very shallow carry with around 0.7 inches (2 cm) of knife sticking out of your pocket (see above). This isn’t a problem per se, but if you prefer having your knife completely out of sight when it’s clipped to you pocket, then you may need to get an after-market/custom clip.
  • ❌ If the button comes out, it’s difficult to fix. I had to do this twice, and had to use contact adhesive to do it and it’s still not fixed properly – hence the tape over the button; it’s not a great solution but it works.
  • ❌ There’s a risk of your fingers catching on the edge if your hand slips as there’s no guard to keep your hand safe.
  • ❌ The last issue is more a nitpick than anything else. The blade doesn’t have a lot of reach to it. For daily household/office tasks (opening packages and envelops, eating, cutting threads, etc.) it’s fine but if you need a knife for hard outdoor/survival use…yeah, that won’t go well.
the Gerber Remix 2 knife on a rock
the Gerber Remix 2 knife on a rock

A Knife that’s Hard to Find

This particular model of the mini remix 2 is nigh-impossible to find. Every review I was able to find on YouTube and Amazon was for these mini remixes; not the one I’m talking about. You can only seem to find this specific mini remix 2 in the Google image search.

With that said, it’s a great entry-level knife for people who are looking to get into knives and, if you can find it, it’s worth buying. The plain edge is very non-threatening, and it’s not likely to scare anyone if you must use it.

Now, because the locking mechanism on mine isn’t very secure (even with the tape over it), I don’t carry it very often, but it does occasionally make its way into my pocket; usually as an in-pocket knife.

I love this thing, and it was fun to carry it again for this review; it’ll definitely be getting more pocket time in the coming months.

I hope you guys liked the article and found it informative. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next one!

Gerber Mini Remix 2 Pinterest image

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