Rebekah W

Rebekah W
Although I teach high school English by day, I’m also the proud co-owner of a small, twenty-two acre property in New York (my second job and favorite pastime). We raise chickens, pigs, bees, and vegetables on our “homestead” and are proud to call our little slice of heaven home! When I’m not wrangling chickens or harvesting massive quantities of zucchini, I enjoy writing about common homesteading topics and other subjects.

Wait! Don’t Throw These 11 Things Away…

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As a homesteader or prepper, it’s important to recognize the value in trash. What’s that saying—one man’s trash is another man’s juice jug? Something like that. There are several crucial household items that often—out of laziness or lack of ingenuity—end up in the trash can. While this habit contributes to …

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