Alexander Lewis

I am from Houston, Texas. I began studying combat when I was six with my first teacher being my father. He took me into our backyard and began teaching me the deadly arts of western boxing. It was like a game then. Later on I got into the Asian styles and it was a flood of whatever I could get into, Taekwondo, Shotokan, Tangsoodo, various styles of Kung Fu, Aiki-jutsu, and Iaido. I also got into Viking Combat for a while and learned sword and shield techniques. A few years back I joined the world’s greatest Air Force. I did some time in the sandbox and made it home without a single scar, physical or otherwise. I have friends that were not so lucky. The majority of my bush craft comes from a combination of my time as a boy scout, my father, small pockets of military training, and my mentor Vietnam era old corps force recon Marine.

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12 Types of Knives You Need for Survival

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here is no more iconic piece of warrior equipment than the naked blade. Mankind has been hunting, warring, and killing for thousands of years. Though technology may advance, materials get better, new techniques are developed, the human remains the same. He still requires food, clothing, shelter, and protection from harm. With those motivations driving him, …

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