8 Reasons Why a Flashlight Needs to be in Your EDC

Your Every Day Carry gear can vary depending on your personal needs and lifestyle as well as surroundings and habitat. Regardless of this, there are a few key gear pieces i.e. multitool and knife, that every prepper should have for a number of everyday life situations such as fixing a car or power outages.

Due to weight factors, a lot of gear has to be set aside for a backpack rather than your pockets. Flashlights are one important EDC tool that you’ll never want to skimp on. Here’s just 8 reasons out of many as to why you should always include a flashlight in your EDC:

1. Power Outages can wreak havoc not on just a city, but the people itself causing chaos and disorder in no time such as the Northeast blackout in 2003 when the power suddenly left people from the Midwest to Northeastern U.S. to Canada without power for over two days.

Most people depend on emergency lighting that are typically placed throughout schools or your work, but as well can be a gamble and should never be fully depended on.

Be prepared for navigation through the panic and disorder fast with your EDC flashlight. It doesn’t have to just be at home when a breaker blows, but can be in a dark elevator, a movie theater or just about any typical daily-life situation. Don’t be amongst the unprepared, wandering amidst the dark, asking for trouble. Even the smallest, lightest of flashlights can be a major help in a power outage.

2. Bad Weather can not only cause power outages, but as well can make a major difference in natural lighting such as moonlight during night with heavy clouds or rainy conditions.

Earthquakes and natural disasters happen, all the time. Volcanoes can blow, leaving entire cities underneath several feet of ash and without power for weeks. Heavy ice conditions snap power lines in two.

Torrential rains, landslides, blizzards and more can change your lighting situation in a second. Be ready with your tactical, durable EDC flashlight for survival in any type of natural disaster.

3. Your EDC flashlight can help you with a number of tasks in the dark. It will most likely be in that moment of complete frustration where you cannot find an extra light to help you either find something or fix another.

Breaking down on a dark highway in the middle of nowhere, or trying to fix something underneath your car even in broad daylight can be a hassle without a light of some sorts.

My EDC flashlight has helped me with a number of everyday fix it/find it situations, such as hooking up cords to my television or finding something in the basement amidst a dimly lit room.

4. Light em’ up! Use your tactical EDC flashlight as a defense weapon. The flashlight is not always the first thing to come to mind when thinking of a weapon, but can actually be an incredible tool for self defense.

If someone were to approach you in a dark alley, you can grab your handy EDC flashlight and use the bright beams to blind your approacher unexpectedly for at least a few moments (pupils retract to protect the eye from sudden light and will take at least a few seconds for younger people while up to a couple of minutes for older people to recover) while you’re then able to either flee for help, make a self-defense move (hit on the head or a good kick) or yell for help and create a scene.

One of the best parts of this is that there are no restrictions to carry flashlights anywhere in the U.S. and as far as I know, most other places abroad. They’re a discreet tool that can be used as a disorientation factor that can be used by shining the lumens straight into the eyes of an attacker as well as wild animals.

Tactical EDC flashlights, such as the Surefire E1D Defender, not only offer a bold blast of light to blind predators, but its aggressive bezel weapon can be used to cut anything from rope for hunting, cutting and cleaning wild game, but as well as a defense weapon for both animals and humans. This bezel tool can help you during your fight with your predator by first blinding them and then making your move with your sharp, defense tool, all equipped within your EDC flashlight.

5. Identifying dangers in a quick fashion can be both preventative of a larger problem, but also a quick way to asses what moves you need to act out next, whether it be an escape route or grabbing a choice weapon for the battle ahead.

If you’re ever left in the dark, for any reason, you can shine your flashlight into dark, murky areas, dark corners and dark approaches when looking ahead from a distance.

6. Both urban and rural lifestyles have a number of things the we depend on in our every day lives to supply a safely-lit use such as elevators, flood lights, public transportation, etc. Does your workplace have windows? If emergency lighting were to fail, and I can’t tell you how many times it has, you would be completely blinded in a second with no way out of the dark.

Imagine being on a crowded subway underground and then suddenly, snap, darkness. Amidst the chaos and people scrambling, you need something such as a keychain EDC flashlight or a multitool in your pocket to defend not only the darkness, but the dangers in chaos and predators that can arise from these kinds of SHTF situations.

Not just in urban situations with high rise buildings and public transportation, but rural situations   can arise at the drop of a hat. A sudden loss of electricity or generator power can leave you without urban lighting and in complete darkness in a second.

Whether it be a SHTF scenario or such as trying to make your way to your breaker panel, you should always have your EDC flashlight on you at all times.

7. EDC flashlights are an excellent backup for when other lighting tools or gear may fail such as a headlamp or cellphone.

Whether you’re camping in the backwoods and your headlamps batteries ran out either because of the frigid cold or negligence, or at home and your electricity is suddenly cut. You’re left in the dark and better be darn sure to have a light source in your pocket. Carrying your EDC flashlight can make a world of difference when depending on light to guide your way through a variety of situations.

Cellphone’s batteries typically will only last you around a few hours with its flashlight running. Beware, the constant run of a flashlight on your cell phone can cause it to overheat typically before it will run out of its battery.

8. Last, but not least… there is a 100% chance of darkness. Lets face it, some people literally never leave home without an umbrella, even when the chances are at their lowest. So why would you ever leave home without a flashlight? Stating the obvious, it gets dark for any amount of time during a 24 hour period. Sure, your phone may have a flashlight, but what if that dies? The batteries don’t tend to last long, plus cell phones are awkward to hold or work with and you better be sure not to drop it anywhere while it typically doesn’t take much to damage one of these.

What is the best EDC flashlight for me?

Keep in mind that there are a variety of reasons you’ll need to carry a flashlight in your EDC. As with much of our other gear, there are a number of specs and options when it comes to choosing the right piece. For flashlights, you’ll want to compare specifications such as run time, water resistance, impact resistance, light output, peak beam intensity and beam distance.

There are an array of price options for your next EDC flashlight. Keep in mind that most people will never use or need more than 150 or so lumens. It’s been said that around 80 lumens will be a sufficient number when trying to temporarily blind an assailant. You’ll only need the 1,000+ lumen flashlight when conducting a search and rescue, caving or major outdoor uses.

Below are a few of my favorite options for a variety of EDC flashlights.


The Fenix PD35 has convenience and brightness packaged nicely in this lightweight and powerful EDC flashlight. It provides up to 960 lumens, six different light modes and is so bright you could use it as a beacon if ever lost, an excellent add on tactical flashlight to your EDC kit or bug out bag.

The Streetlight ProTac 2AAA is an ultra compact, simple and durable EDC flashlight, all met with a friendly price-point at just around $30. The bulb has a 50,000 hour lifetime, holds multiple light modes and is complete with C4 LED technology. Weighing in at just 1.6 ounces, your EDC wont suffer a this featherlight, every-day flashlight.


The Olight i3S EOS flashlight is lightweight at just 0.03 pounds and compact at 2.76 inches. It’s a cost-effective, keychain flashlight that is a nice addition to your EDC while providing 80 lumens, adjustable light output (low, hight and strobe modes) and light-weight aluminum body.


The Surefire E1D Defender flashlight is an excellent tactical and EDC flashlight offering both a combat weapon and bold lighting tool. If SHTF and you need to defend yourself from a wild animal or predator, you can use the Surefire Defender’s quick flashes to disorient the attacker as well as the aggressive bezel, able to cut through tough materials.


The Zebralight SC52W flashlight is a simple and durable EDC flashlight. It uses solely a AA battery which are common and easy to find. It can output up to 500 lumens for approximately one minute, but at 280 high mode lumens for just under one hour. It is complete with an easy-grab pocket clip and multiple lighting options including beacon strobes.

You can find even more EDC flashlight ideas here.

Preparing for weather and TEOTWAWKI can be done with understanding that it will most likely happen at some given point in time in the future, however, darkness is a fact. Darkness will come and it will set every single 24 hour period. It is one thing every person, prepper and survivalist can knowingly prepare for, and should.

Phone flashlights can drain battery fast and be easily broken. Don’t bet your life and safety with one. An EDC flashlight is one survivalist tool you know you can use every single day of your life and very well, possibly to save your life. Don’t leave your EDC kit without one.

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Anna Stevie
Stevie grew up in the woods of Oregon eventually ending up in the heart of the Alaska wilderness. An avid adventurer, she spends her time traveling the states and beyond to explore and understand other cultures and documenting through journalism.


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    Have an old fashoned bulb based torch available. Remember, LEDS are semiconductors and what happens to semiconductors in an EMP event…..

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    Shayla Cademis

    Thanks for the suggestion to invest in a good flashlight in case other lighting tools/gear fail due to battery failure. My husband and I love to go hiking, but sometimes we get back to our truck just after dark. I definitely don’t want to think what could happen if there was an emergency where we ended up staying on a mountain overnight without a light. We’ll have to look for good flashlights to invest in.

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