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How to Plant Red Winter Wheat


  • Till or rake the ground where the seeds are going to be planted. You should aim for about a 1 to 2 inch depth when turning the ground.
    tilling the soil
  • Broadcast the seeds directly on top of the turned soil. You can use a seed spreader tractor attachment if cultivating a large patch of ground, a seed spreading bag with a manual crank attachment if during around ¼ to ½ of an acre, or simply walk along the rows you tilled and broadcast them manually by hand.
    spreading red wheat seeds
  • If you are dealing with dry ground, even after tilling, spray the area with a garden hose to water. Use a wide and light spray setting so you do not disturb the seeds any more than absolutely necessary.
    spread red winter wheat seeds
  • Sprinkle hay or straw sheaves lightly over the broadcast seeds. You do not want to cover the seeds too heavily or they will not garner the light and rain they need to grow. Covering the seeds lightly with hay or straw prevents birds from eating the seeds and creates enough humidity to help them get a good start in the growing process.
    putting hay to cover the soil and seeds