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Hey everyone,

I give you the latest giveaway from First, you need to check out the 10 items below:

1. DQG Fairy 10180 Cree XP G2 R5 4C 4500K Mini Brass Water Resistant LED Flashlight

2. 348 Nichia NVSW219BT – V1 240Lm Mini 10440 / AAA LED Torch

3. Manker U11 CREE XPL V5 1050LM Rechargeable LED Flashlight

4. Opus BT – C3100 V2.2 Li – ion Digital NiCd NiMH Battery Charger

5. Nitecore D4 Li-ion Ni-MH NiCd LiFePO4 Smart LCD Battery Charger

nitecore d4

6. Sunwayman T25C Cree U3 880Lm Zooming LED Flashlight

7. Ganzo G729-BK Axis Lock Folding Knife Pocket Clip

8. KAUKKO FH03 Vintage Style 5L Male Sling Bag

9. Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW E27 Smart LED Bulb

xiaomi yeelight

10. Boruit LT – 069 5000Lm CREE T6 Bicycle LED Headlamp Pack

boruit lt

There are 10 items listed. You can choose which item you think would make the best gift for the coming Father’s Day or you can pick up other items in the Make Summer Perfect with GearBest.

How to enter: write a comment below with the item (number) you want.

One winner will be picked up on May 31. The prize will be the item win most votes (under $60).

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    I think that #6, the Sunwayman T25C Cree Flashlight is a winner and would be welcome additon to anyone’s bug out bag, car or home. It will make a great Father’s Day present.

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    levi weatherall

    number ten (10)

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    I prefer #6, the Sunwayman T25C Cree Flashlight. That item is good for me and would be welcome in additon to anyone’s bug out bag, car or home. It will make a great Father’s Day present.

  4. Avatar

    I think that the Boruit LT bicycle head lamp would be the most useful.

  5. Avatar

    I have to say that #10 would be the most versatile gift I could receive. Way cool!

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    10. Boruit LT – 069 5000Lm CREE T6 Bicycle LED Headlamp Pack would be great

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    Dan F. Sullivan

    Hi Everyone,

    It’s May 31st and we have to select our giveaway winner! The winner will receive the item that was the most popular among the contestants, and that’s item #10, Boruit LT – 069 5000Lm CREE T6 Bicycle LED Headlamp Pack ( ).

    And the winner is…

    But first, let me tell you how I did it. There are facebook comments and, below them, there are regular comments. Each comment receives n order number, starting with the ones on facebook (because they appear first on the page). If someone writes two comments, only the first one is considered, the second one I pretend it’s not there.

    That being said, there are 20 entries via Facebook comments and 6 via regular comments. That’s 26 contestants… And the lucky number between 1 and 26 who will get the LED headlamp is…


    The 15th comment in order is on Facebook, and belongs to John McIntosh.

    John, you said you want the sling bag, but Kathy from GearBest said the winner will get the most popular item, which is the LED flashlight. Not to shabby of a prize, though, a lot of people wanted this!

    I will contact you via facebook to get your email address so you can give the shipping details to gearbest. If you don’t see my message, you can use the contact form to send it to me.



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