Who Will Win: Trump or Hillary?

When writing political articles I try to stay somewhat objective. I realize there are pros and cons for each side. I feel that my job as a writer is to inform the public about both candidates and let them make their own decision. That being said, I definitely have a favorite for many reasons. I am also a realist and have to state the facts. In this article I will analyze the facts regarding who will likely win the election. I will also discuss what that means for our country and for myself as a citizen.

First, I would like to discuss why Trump may win. There are a few basic facts that every American knows about Donald that may work to his favor. He is a successful businessman. Over his career he has grown his net worth by billions, and the American people hope he can have a similar effect on our economy. Because of his financial success he does not have to rely on donors.

This means that he can actually follow his own agendas as president. He is not a politician… or at least he has not been up to this point. I feel that many Americans are sick of the stereotypical politician and want a change. Trump does not have a political history, nor does he act like a stereotypical politician. Trump speaks his mind. You cannot deny that he is honest about his feelings on the issues. I think many Americans want some honesty in the White House.

There are also several well known facts about Donald Trump that could lead to his defeat. Interestingly enough, many of these are the same reasons why he may win. I think some Americans worry that Trump may treat the United States like a business.

Over his career Trump has had several businesses fail, and he was able to move on to new ventures. Being the President of the United States does not work that way. He cannot just start over if it does not work out. I feel some Americans worry that he is not a politician. At least they worry about how that affects his knowledge of policy and affects his diplomatic ability.

In his short race for the presidency Trump has disrupted relations with several foreign countries. This leads right into his next criticism. Donald is so willing to speak his mind that we may end up in an unnecessary war. He really seems fine with upsetting any relations we have with foreign countries.  He also seems fine with any unrest he may cause in the United States.

Perhaps the greatest reason why Trump may have difficulty winning the election is his extreme nature. Frankly, he scares many Americans. He has publically alienated minorities, badmouthed other countries, and even been quoted as stating that he is not opposed to using nuclear weapons on our allies. He has proposed a huge import tax that could eliminate our trade relations with other countries. He has proposed tax cuts that could stimulate the economy, but would also inflate our national deficit. Trump has a very loyal following, but he may be too different for the average American.

Hillary Clinton also has several characteristics which could help her win the election. One of the greatest is that she is a female candidate. Many Americans support diversity in the oval office and I expect she will gain a significant amount of votes because of her sex. Hillary will likely win the minority vote for the same reason. Of course, she has plenty of political experience and is knowledgeable on policy. This may be a more comfortable fit for voters. Hillary also supports some wonderful causes that are supported by millions of Americans. Strictly looking at her presidential qualifications makes her seem like a better option to the uninformed.

There are several issue with Hillary’s past that could make her election difficult. The incident in which she failed to disclose pertinent information about the attack in Benghazi is one prime example. The American public knows she was dishonest, and Americans died because of it. The email server scandal is another example.

Hillary was storing thousands of emails on a private server so that she could decide what to disclose and what to keep private. Another well-known fact is her stance on the 2nd amendment. Hillary has made it clear that she wants a more thorough and expensive background check for gun purchases, a huge tax hike, and even wants to make those that sell and manufacture guns liable for any injuries or deaths resulting from those guns. I feel that most of the public knows that she cannot be trusted.

There are also several examples from Hillary’s career that are just as scary but much less known. She was placed in charge of making recommendations for the Attorney General. Her first two suggestions were forced to remove their names from the list of potential candidates and her third suggestions was Janet Reno. Janet was what Bill called “my worst mistake”, and she was in charge of the decisions leading to the massacre in Waco Texas. Hillary made suggestions for the head of the Treasury Department, Justice Department, White House Staff, Director of White House security, and Civil Rights Commission. These individuals were forced to resign, sent to prison, investigated for improper access of FBI files, and forced to withdraw. Bad decisions seem to be a trend with this candidate.

There are further examples of her lack of respect for the law or for classified information. During a television interview Hillary was given a classified message regarding the capture or death of Gadhafi. She felt it appropriate to joke about this classified information on the air. She also retaliated against several members of the US Travel Office when they would not approve one of her requests.

She had three members fired and arrested. None of the men were convicted, but they were still out of a job. Probably the oldest example is a quote from her days as a lawyer in 1975. She had just defended a man she called a child rapist and had him acquitted. She was joking about it and seemed happy knowing the individual she identified as a rapist was being set free. If you do your research, Hillary gets even scarier.

In fact the most common reason stated to vote for either candidate is the other candidate. It has been shown that neither candidate has the support of the American people or their party. Those who plan to vote for Trump are doing so because Hillary has a shady political track record and wants to bastardize the 2nd amendment. Those who plan to vote for Hillary are doing so because Trump has either offended them or is publically making statements that scare them. Both sides say that the opposing candidate is the worst thing that could happen to this country.

If you look at the polls, Hillary has won almost every time. She knows the game and appeals to the masses. If the vote goes this way, we have several concerns to consider. Hillary would be in a spot to appoint several Supreme Court justices. She would also be in a huge position to influence our military and economy.

Despite her deceptive nature, I think the biggest concern is Hillary appointing unqualified individuals. She has proven time and time again that she is not a good judge of character or ability. I would expect our 2nd amendment rights to be gone. Her policy for immigration would offset any cost benefit she has built into our tax plan. That means that tax increases will go straight to the cost of doling out benefits to illegal immigrants. Only time will tell, but you can read the facts for yourself.

Whether Hillary wins or Trump wins, America will likely never be the same.  Whatever the result of the election, be prepared for riots.  There are enough people opposed to each candidate that being on the streets the day of the election may be a bad idea.  In the months to come there will likely be conflict between the president and the senate.

I would expect some sort of escalation with foreign countries.  Immigration policy will likely experience some drastic changes no matter who wins.  Now more than ever it seems that the future of our nation is uncertain on several levels.  There has never been a better time to prep and to work on survival skills.  Who knows how bad things could get.  Economic collapse, war, famine, or civil unrest could all be headed our way.  If you wish to impact the result, get out there and vote. Hundreds of thousands of men have fought and died for our right to vote and affect our government. Do not forget their sacrifice.

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Ryan Dotson
My name is Ryan Dotson and I am a survivalist, prepper, writer, and photographer. I grew up in the Ozark Mountains and in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains. My interest in survival started when I was in Boy Scouts and continued as my father, uncle, and grandfather taught me to hunt and fish. In the last few years I have started taking on survival challenges and have started writing about my experiences. I currently live in Mid-Missouri with my wife Lauren and three year old son Andrew.

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