Will Automation Take Your Job?

The future is here, and automation is too. What’s it going to be like for mankind, now that automation is with us? That is a very good question. A truly down the rabbit hole type of question. I love these kinds of questions.

I suggest you hang on; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Yes, some of your jobs are going to be taken from you this year, and of that I have no doubt. That is how automation is already part of our world, even today.

Will the automation of menial labor be done by robotic devices in the future, or will service sector jobs be replaced by vending machines, and scanners?

They already are.

Recent evidence points to a future which leans more toward automation. Our human desire to reach for that Utopian brass ring is also the same force that will eventually replace our jobs. The cordial fast food server, the friendly bus driver, the waitress, the sleepy shopping mall with its elevator Muzak, and God forbid… the amiable bartender you tell all your woes to at the end of a long day.

Personally, I can’t see the future unfolding any other way. It can’t be stopped in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I view this unknown future with as much trepidation as the next guy. But I know I can’t stop it from coming.

Machines will do the work cheaper, faster, and 24 hours a day without complaint, coffee or bathroom breaks. Therefore, it seems to me to be an inevitable conclusion, “Automation will someday replace your job.”

I mean eventually all jobs we humans do will be replaced by some form of computer automation. Even the pencil pushers will not be immune to this industrial wind of change.

What does this mean for you, the consumer, the bread winner, the parent, the student, the writer…? Oh, Lordy?

No more teachers, no more check out windows, no more cashiers, no more shopping malls or brick and mortar stores.  All will be replaced someday soon by the modern online education centers, the digital shopping malls, with their drone deliver systems and automated tellers are already here, as well as scanner check out machines at Wal-Mart and other retailers.

These are easily imagined changes.

Gone will be the village market places. Gone will be the auto service centers, the Bank tellers, the UPS guy who you know, but can’t prove, drop-kicked your last delivery package that Sears-O-Pedic foot massager right at your front door, bouncing it behind the begonia bush and leaving it in a million pieces.

The future of home delivery is going to be automated as well. It is being prototyped by Amazon today using experimental deliveries being made for those daring online shoppers receiving their precious items, dropped off by drone helicopters right to their doorstep.

Today, Amazon is even considering the cashless Amazon Pop-up Grocery Store. That’s right, you walk in grab what you want and leave no cashiers, no alarm bells, no security guard chasing you across the parking lot, perhaps no more parking lots either. The whole store will be designed to read your face, identify you, access your bank account information, and bill you.

The store and all its sensors automatically debit your account the amount of whatever you walked out the door with on your person or in your cart.

What about driverless cars, and buses being introduced? Just a sure as some of us hate the idea of losing our ability to lay black rubber doughnuts in front of the University Dean’s house, there are some among us that welcome the driverless auto world of the future.

Yes. my friends, robots are here already. Take the Roomba floor sweepers, and Robomow lawn mowers. These are robots that are being sold to the public even as you ponder this future.

You might even ask the man behind the curtain:

“How many jobs will be lost in the auto industry due to automation this coming year?”

The car industry has become so automated in the past that I bet the number of people employed to build a single automobile has dropped by half since the 70s. Automation is the number one killer of most factory jobs worldwide.

Not to mention the latest automation innovations that was proposed by the top ten car manufacturers. The future industry trends will claim 10 more line jobs lost forever to automation over the next few years.

The real question isn’t whether automation will replace jobs, but how soon will it be coming for your job?

This is pertinent to understand. Consider this you white collar underlings, a huge effort by the Banksters and the Wall Street money managers is to push the world toward a cashless society. This finally will give total control over the entire world’s commerce to the banks.

This one act will end millions of present day jobs. Think about it, no need to handle money anymore. Consider what jobs that this can eliminate. The bank buildings gone; they will be of no use anymore.

The ATM will become extinct, as all banking transactions will eventually be done online right at the point of sale or from your home, as you converse with a central server and you and your student loan will be evaluated by an algorithm on the other end.

A virtual banking world will take over, completely controlled by a privately owned banking sector. No more bank managers, tellers, security guards, safe designers, alarm system companies, all will be effected.

Statistics claim that automation will eliminate 2 Billion jobs worldwide by 2030.

Dr Thomas Frey at Ci2012 - "2 Billion Jobs to Disappear by 2030!"

Probably the last jobs to go will be the iconic salesman who sells us this utopia, but even this person will be replaced by social and psychological trending algorithms that will constantly change.

Coercing simple humans using visual, audible, and psychological advertisements is already happening. Like product placement in your favorite media and electronic billboards drawing on demographics from your social media accounts, changing to suit you as soon as you walk on by.

A gentle nudging to purchase things you do not need, and you don’t even know why you bought it when you get home.

These tactics and techniques are used on us in the present times hidden in the margins of your browser and the movies you watch, and don’t think these subliminal methods don’t work. This marketing technology attack will advance and improve over time, and we will accept it as the new social normal.

WHY, YOU ASK? Because corporate media will tell us so… this is normal, that’s what everyone will see. Your friends will agree with the media’s newest value system without even questioning it. They’ll whisper behind your back if you do not agree. Yes, even the iconic salesmen will be obsolete in this automated future.

Make no mistake about it, computer automation is growing, and you better start thinking about it sooner rather than later. Consider everything that it means, for you and your children’s future.

Will Automation Make us Happier?

I doubt it! No more than a 12-hour day on an assembly line might make someone happier.

Firstly, let’s stare into the very distant future. Fifty years from now, or perhaps within your lifetime. A bleak future when 90% of the jobs we have today, are suddenly gone; all having been eliminated by computers and automation.

Where do humans fit into this grand scheme of things? Will this new-world eventually bring about world government policy changes? The same ones we are afraid of addressing now.

For instance, the heinous “One World Government”?

How about a future where 11 billion people are not working for a living due to automation and Artificial Intelligence?

What will man do with himself, when the concept of an honest day’s work is no longer fashionable?

Perhaps basic living allowances will be called into play.

These ideas are being introduced to the world we live as you read this. Parts of Canada are considering it for their citizens.

Finland has already introduced the system, while Switzerland has denied it recently with a vote with 77% against 23% in favor.

The frightening part about all this speculation regarding automation is the future is rapidly approaching us TODAY right NOW. The speed at which the changes in science and technology are coming at us is exponentially increasing. This is a fact.  From now on, the rates of change will become faster, too staggering to imagine.

A future of self-aware machines is a concept that needs to be addressed as well.

This increase in technology will come about by artificial intelligence research, and the advancement of robotics, building the innovations dreamed up by these artificial machines. Imagine a brain that can design a machine to build a better brain, and so on and so on, so forth…

Take nano-technology for instance. This new area of science is dreaming of ways of making super materials: filters, batteries, and lightweight materials as strong as diamond, but flexible as supple cloth, and many more impossible, undreamed magical things.

Nano Inception… Brain Food for Thought

Imagine one of these super computers, an “artificial nano computer” as it dreams up a brain, that in turn dreams of a superhuman robotic device. It builds this new type of robot.

A robot even better, faster, and trimmer: a real dream machine! Its offspring, in turn, build the next phase of the ultimate Artificial Brainy being, which it programs with all of humanity’s knowledge and more.

Its muscles are nano fibers, and its brain is a nano diamond computer chip. It contains a nano CPU that operates beyond the speed of light. Its skin is nano solar absorbent material that looks like human skin, but generates thousands of watts of power if needed. It never wears out, and never overheats. It has an immune system that repairs itself when injured, using tiny microscopic nano bots instead of antibodies.

This monster intelligent creation designs a factory of 3-D printers that spit out tiny super droids that assemble themselves like hive insects working together as one entity. They all carry the same intelligence as their creator, but morph into a colossal super being.

An entity that works in tandem as one single mind, forming the biggest and most powerful artificial entity known to the Universe. It spreads across the Earth, it is unstoppable. It controls every aspect of human existence and the very planet’s ecosystem.

One day it decides to…well, to end us.

Mankind, the human race, we are no longer needed. Just like some Terminator movie. The brain, or “It,” in its divine infinite wisdom, suddenly realizes humans are a liability.

We are no longer wanted in the universe. It postulates that our biological flesh and blood bodies are inferior to what it can create, and that our carbon based units are just taking up space. Therefore, the best thing for it to do is to …shut us down.

Maybe it will destroy the atmosphere of the planet or change its chemistry, as it has grown so colossal in power that its intelligence controls the very weather of the planet (Robots do not need as much oxygen as biologically created beings), and it decides to end us all in one fell swoop.

There is nothing we humans can do about it either…

Relax, not to worry… this scary scenario was thought about years ago by most scientists. They realized the potential for disaster in the future was big.

Back in the late 70s a scientist and epic author Isaac Asimov wrote a science fiction book called: “I Robot” That outlines these very concerns.

Isaac Asimov, the robot rules:

A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

What does this have to do with losing my job in the future?

This means you and the entire human race of this tiny planet. We’re on the third rock from the Sun. We’ll be in a perpetual quandary for many decades, worrying about this question of science and technology and its effects. Mankind will constantly be trying to catch up with the technology. Some of us want it, and some of us DO NOT!

I told you this was a rabbit hole question.

We now have come to a fork in the proverbial rabbit hole. Which way do we go?

I say since we must chose, and we must!

Why Not Choose Both Futures…?

I believe as long as we do not let a single mental defective group or person chose mankind’s future it will unfold naturally anyway.

Why not take both paths into the future. I see no reason portions of the future cannot hold both an automated lifestyle, as well as a human interactive culturally based lifestyle with human labor and human traits.

Futurist Thomas Frey on "162 Future Jobs: Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Yet Exist"

I believe that what mankind will always desire the craftsman, the artist, the poet, the homesteader, the bushcraft woodsman. We will always seek some form or another of true human interaction, and I mean true human interaction.

As there is no doubt there will be a future with humanoid or cyborg robots (that look and sound and act like real people), pretending to be our companions. However, as everything else in life, the real thing is still far superior to any factory-made products.

Therefore, I think mankind will purposely develop societies that want to nurture our human values. Perhaps living side-by-side with the automated world becoming somewhat like a theme park, or a vacation spot, and vice versa.

People will take their kids on vacation to the country and to a small town diner with Mel the grumpy short order cook, and Emma the plucky waitress.

The old-fashion worlds will still exist. They will be a destination for the people hopelessly trapped on the other side of that automated bubble city. We, humans, will always seek out common companionship, and forever crave the warmth of real human contact, to simply sit down with a cup of coffee, and have some small talk with a friend.

So in conclusion I will say this: given enough time, your job most certainly will be taken from you in the future. Eliminated by innovation and automation. However, I doubt machines will take our humanity from us …yet I have no doubt that they will try.

Stay vigilant and don’t let the bastards win!

The Practical Prepper…

Written by Jack Woods

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  1. Truth is, humanity has already been striped from the psyche of most men. Look at how we treat other human beings wanting asylum in our nation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xzlyJlMu74 Look at how we treat those who have fought for our country and their families. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBpUv0t7OZo Look at how e treat the homeless and poorest of our people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wYZCf5obrY Is this humanity? I think NOT. But in the new world order where the rich get richer while the working class gets poorer, what do you think the message is? Don’t worry about others, just do the right thing by you. DISGUSTING if you ask me.

    Oh and the next time you see a homeless person just think about these 17 people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMlId_Ep9IE it could have been one of them, you turned away from.

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