Who Got to Trump?

“I don’t know about you people, but the latest news pisses me off.” (Oh by the way …this article is mostly opinion and rated PG 13. The opinions expressed here should be the opinions of every American that is a patriot of this country)

Moving right along…

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]s it only me or has someone just let the air out of the party balloon, and now all we hear is a long-drawn-out flatulent noise coming from the White House? It’s not very pleasant is it?  To listen to the same old-same old, the fear mongering, the war cries of a profiteering pedophile lobbyist group like Haliburton Inc, telling our politicians what to do, through their Militant Minions sucking up more than their fair share of the nation’s oxygen.

The same old economic buffalo bagels we heard before, don’t let me get started… Do we really have to put up with more rhetoric while re-appointing the same drunkard ship’s captains, like Janet Yellen, and the rest of the Bilderberg cronies, entrenched in our Government?

Those capital-hill hucksters, who spend most of their day playing slalom with our financial icebergs, crowding the world’s economic seaways from Antarctica to Zanzibar.

All the while these stewards of our nation are smashing together their martini glasses, and dancing on the upper decks of our out of control economic Titanic. Laughing at the rest of us, counting their latest kick back, provided by their favorite lobbyists, now lining the coffers of their all to favorite charity organization,

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge …eh squire… know what I mean,

…I know you do, I know you do…

Who do these people think they, are fooling with their clownish decision process?

They make me sick.

We now have instead of the ending, the true crime families running this country. We have their old crony ideas of “let’s get rich again by recreating the war machine,” because war has always pulled America out of a recession.

That’s the best you can do, really?

“But, it never fails, we will kill off lots of innocent souls. That reduces the population, and thus the strain on our economy. Then we will borrow shitloads of money from the aforementioned private bankers, also known as the Federal Reserve, and everybody will be happy again.”

War always stimulates the economy, we will use up copious amounts of natural resources (the true wealth of a nation), and thrive in the short term. Corporations will grow bigger, not caring anymore about the theft of the nation’s future from our grandchildren, and we will let them, because we are fat dumb and happy once again.

“And the wheels on the bus, with no brakes, go round and round…”

We will thus kick this rusty can down the road once again, “four score and seven years ahead”…

Yes folks it’s the same old gag, they decided to keep the Federal Reserve and World Central Banking system and we lose. Those brilliant International Elite, who keep rocking their fiat currency. So instead of flushing these floating turds down the big White House toilet bowl, we add more turds, and they’re starting to clog the nation’s pipes, and no one thinks this is going to be a problem, so we party on.

No we are drunk on the past vapors in history. We keep patting these monkeys on the back like they have done great things for us, but we have simply given up once again. Brushed our hands together and happily went on our way like the job is done. It’s not…

How’s that saying go? What once was old is new again… That is supposed to apply to fashion only, not a nation’s history. It’s now musical chairs kids …just like in kindergarten class, but when the music stops this time, we are the ones left without a chair to sit on.

Has president Trump turned into a true wimp, like those presidents that came before him?

Where is that tough guy we needed?

Not the one that threatens nations with bombs, as any arse-hole can do that. Just look at Kim Jung whatever the heck his name is, from North Korea. That little fat turd couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. Heck I’m an old man, and I know I could kick his arse.

Hey don’t get me wrong, I’m all for kicking arse if someone threats me. But, come on folks, if the average American can send their children off to fight some dirty war, then the president of the United states can surely risk putting a little skin in the game too.

Like for instance, knowing that if the CIA or the NSA or whomever is the “deep state” is threatening the President’s family we certainly can sympathize.

However, Trump will just have to suck it up. Maybe he may have to sit-down with his family, explain the situation, and try to protect them as best he can, then move on. He is needed elsewhere, this isn’t a job for pussies.

We elected him to take some hits for this country, and one of those hits was standing up against the establishment, (both sides of the aisle) and take this country back. If the President thought that this was going to be a cake walk …then perhaps we have backed the wrong horse here, and we want our money back.

If this is true, he should step down, because we don’t need another eight years of this shit, do we folks?

I want to see my president clean house, I want to see heads roll. I want the Federal Reserve shut down, and the control of our money returned to its rightful owners… us.

And, for the love of GOD, can we get a real man into the white house that doesn’t take any guff from the turds buried in that manure pile we see steaming, up on Capitol Hill.

I’ve said it many times before.

If no one is discussing the ridding of these bastards controlling our money, then they are just talking out of their rear-ends.

Whomever, (a’hem… Mr. Wilson) thought that a bunch of private bankers should control the nation’s money, had to have had his head up his stateroom that day. We have paid them their interest bearing loans long enough.

I pray for all of our sakes that there is some diabolical plan behind the president’s recent decisions. Such as threatening war with the world, but alas… history tells me we are in for some serious heart ache if there isn’t.

I certainly hope I’m wrong. I can perhaps see the twisted logic that might be behind all of this saber rattling. However, it appears to me to be the weirdest form of diplomatic diplomacy ever seen on God’s green earth. Yet, who knows? Hopefully president Trump does, that isn’t too much to ask, is it?

The question now is: how can the average Joe help? How can he get rid of these buggers in Washington? The scum that the president refuses to rid for us. The lingering scoundrels lurking in the shadows, preying on the citizens of this country… like, the demonic deviants they appear to be.

I hope my outrage is contagious. I’m not inciting riots here, people, I’m exercising a constitutional right. You remember what those are, they are the once sovereign values we held so dear we wrote them down, so no one would forget, and they are those same rights that are now sold back to us as privileges, or licensed for the corporate profits of privately controlled companies. These profits mostly go to paying of the private banking interests of the Federal Reserve debt. We hold a 20 trillion dollar debt against our grandchildren’s future. We allowed them to do that to us, it’s our fault for being complacent in our government.

Yeah that’s right it’s our government, not theirs.

Those children who haven’t even been born yet will have to pay our debt to these bastards their entire lives.

How’s that legacy looking to you now, citizen?

Picture this, many years ahead, your grand-kids will remember you as those who gave them the world they live in. That is to say, if they haven’t been totally brainwashed by the regime you left lording over them.

They will have had an entire lifetime spent in servitude to a debt that you, their parents left to them. Left to them over a half century, before the day they were even a twinkle in your eyes.

“And, wait for it …who do they owe this debt to?”

The private European banking families that sit on the board of our beloved Federal Reserve banks, a monopoly established four hundred years before any of us were ever born.

That’s right… THEIR BACK!

Yeah, I’m a little pissed off, aren’t you?

So you should be.

We need a true leader in Washington, and in lieu of that we need to demand for our country’s return by ourselves if nothing else, and take it back from these shape shifting hyenas that are devouring the heart of this nation.

What is my solution you ask?

I’m writing it out for you right now.

I hope this article is that first grain of sand that knocks two more loose, and begins a cascade of epic proportions. Leading us… to the greatest social avalanche this country has seen in history, maybe that ever happened in the history of the world.

Write to our president Trump, spread the message on your social media page, tweet him, and his family, let them know, “we are not going to take anymore shit from these jackals. We want them out, and NOW.”

“No more waffling on issues that were promised us, no more kowtowing to their little Washington games.”

To heck with those shriveled vampires on Capitol Hill, their days are ending… toss them out, and make an example of them too, for the others to take notice. Bury them in prison if that is the law, because that is what we demand from our president now, to simply follow our common law, and the Constitution.

I don’t mean for us to send short quips, or memes out to each other either. I mean put your own solutions out there where others can see, and send them to the capital.

Stop asking these morons what to do, and start telling them what you want done.

Remember they work for you.

Unfortunately, much of what has recently been set into motion by this administration is going to unfold regardless of what we do today.

Perhaps we can send them (our) hired representatives (those bureaucrats) a message, and get them back on the right track before our future is irreversibly lost.

Everyone must get involved! It’s our last stand situation.

Twist that knife a bit harder folks, it’s more than your right it’s your job as a citizen of the country. You owe it to your children and their children and so on…

If we do not fix this problem this generation, I’m afraid there will never be another opportunity at hand ever again…


Not without civil war, and none of us wants to be fighting our fellow Americans over somebody else’s bullshit.

If that happens …they will have won.

That’s what’s on the line, here, people.

So what do we do about it?

We have to do this …given that it’s our last chance.

We have to take back this nation from the maniacs that stole it from our last generation.

These Democratic Demons, and Neo-con Nazis, with their evil ways that float to the top of our society, like horse turds in a punch bowl.

I don’t know about you, but I’m done having these poltergeists crashing my party.

They need to go, and they need to go now.

It’s time to bounce their arses out of here, and shut down their little get together, straighten up the house before Mom and Dad gets home, and we don’t have much time either.

Here is an idea for this change. It’s purposely designed to be small to get things rolling.

Firstly, besides hounding the president, let every member of the president’s family know what you think too, as well as governors, senators, and congressmen. They are all on social media.

Now, be reasonable, be the mature one, but let them and the president know, that we know what’s happening. Yes, empathize with them if need be, but demand that he do his job. The job he was elected to do.

No more wimps in the White House, it doesn’t help anyone.

His personal struggles are unfortunate, but this does not make any difference with the mission he was given.

“I’m speaking to you Mr. President if you want to be a true tough guy Mr Trump, be that tough guy, who sacrifices himself to the nation… that’s what a real man is.”

Put your own life on the line.

Drain the Swamp, Mr. President, like you said you would.

This is more than a catchy slogan it was your promise to us, and we will accept nothing less from you.

Be a REAL MAN, Mr. President, clean up our back yard, and then take on the world. For our children’s sake, remember your promise to us.

We can bomb piss-ants anytime. This is part of your promise of making our military great again by, cleaning out the corruption within it, so we don’t have to bomb their likes anymore.

I know you know the corruption I speak of… now do something about that, do your job…

Your humble servant, Silence Dogood

5 thoughts on “Who Got to Trump?”

  1. Avatar

    You MUST know that it’s the “Shadow Government” running this country????? Every president has just been the front man being controlled like a puppet- The question you need to ask yourself and research is WHO is the shadow Government?? Is it the CIA? The Secret Service? HMMMMM

    1. Avatar

      From the article you just read:

      “Like for instance, knowing that if the CIA or the NSA or whomever is the “deep state” is threatening the President’s family we certainly can sympathize.”

    2. Avatar

      Lets assume its the CIA, we don’t need to research anything anymore, it seems pretty apparent that its deeply entrenched, what ever acronym you give it. So, unless an elected official with power, like the President… is going to spearhead this…um… how shall I put this. This claw back of what is inherently ours. Then sharpen your bayonets, and gather your weapons because this will not end well. So you better get behind something, because its slipping away as you sit there. Nobody is going to take care of this for you. Those days are over. The gig is up, they figured out the loop hole inb the constitution, ist complacency, and the nation is infected with it.

      Silence Dogood.

  2. Avatar

    Very thought provoking. Can you explain possibly in another article how the reserve bank works? To my knowledge American mint,s print the money and GIVES it to the reserve bank who loans in back to us with interest? How does that make sense? How can we be in debt to a bank who got the money from us in the first place? I don’t understand. So as you suggest if we were to eliminate the reserve bank, wouldn’t we all but almost eliminate our debt less government bond lending? I really am confused. Please help me to understand. And thank you for writing this. While opinions can be thwart with inaccuracies I think your analysis spot on.

  3. Avatar
    Casper pinterest

    I can’t stand watching Trump in T.V.. Every time I see him,I want to reach into the T.V.,pull him to me and slap every bit of you know what out of him. If for nothing else being a bullying dump of crap.

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