Is the Stock Market Going to Crash?

Welcome folks, have a seat. The question for today and the topic of this discussion is:

Is the stock Market Going to Crash?

YES! Thank you for coming, coffee, and doughnuts are on the left. Please turn off the lights when you leave…

Well, I know that may not be exactly the answer you were looking for. However, what you really want is to be able to spot a coming crash for yourself. This is simple enough. You don’t need me or someone else to tell you when it might occur.

Besides, nobody who actually knows what is really going on nowadays will give you an exact date of the coming crash. It’s too dynamic to predict accurately.

However most will tell you it’s going to be soon. You need the ability to see the signs for yourself. This is a lengthy article with sub headings, so skip ahead if you like, after all it is about a complex subject.

Manipulated Markets

The World’s Top 15 Stock Exchanges

RankExchange NameCountryValue of Shares Traded (in $ billion)
1NewYork Stock ExchangeUnited States29,910
2NASDAQUnited States15,320
3London Stock ExchangeUnited Kingdom10,334
4Tokyo Stock ExchangeJapan6,476
5Euronextn rydghfmfghml5,640
6Frankfurt Stock ExchangeGermany4,325
7Shanghai Stock ExchangeChina4,069
8BME Spanish ExchangesSpain2,970
9Italian Stock ExchangeItaly2,313
10Hong Kong Stock ExchangeChina S.A.R.2,137
11Shenzhen Stock ExchangeChina2,103
12Korea ExchangeKorea2,006
13SWX Swiss ExchangeSwitzerland1,886
14OMX Nordic ExchangesDenmark, Finland, Sweden1,865
15Toronto Stock ExchangeCanada1,634

These are only some of the stock markets. There are many, many more (Including, Derivatives Market, Commodities Market, and many foreign Futures Markets, because this is how your sovereign wealth is being stolen from you).

As most of you already know, these markets are highly complex and very highly manipulated. So much now. We can all read the daily headlines in the mainstream media about news of the corruption going on worldwide. Not to mention the manipulation that is the markets very definition. Even the blind must see this by now.

The centrally controlled prime interest rates that are often used to influence these markets are well manipulated. We watch the fizzling death of the US dollar. The race to the bottom of each nation, as they try and keep their money from falling below the failing US dollar. They do this to maintain their own decrepit export market. These are all manipulated factors. These are the practices that are encouraged by the privately owned banks. The financial control freaks, hiding behind a hierarchy of World Banking Systems, Central Banking, and other institutions such as our US Federal Reserve.

These Banking Centers are in turn manipulated by a familiar family of sociopaths from Wall Street. Manipulated from similar market conspirators from around the world like Wall Street and London’s international business center. These so-called businessmen (conmen) are found all over this planet, not only on Wall Street. They have been stealing the nation’s wealth for decades.

I am going to try to show you how you can determine whether another crash is coming for yourself  and why it will happen. I will pull back just a corner of the filthy curtain and show you who is behind the crash and the many ways they can implement it.

A crash is such a highly manipulated thing. There are no simple answers here. Some of you might first wonder why any sane person would want a crash. This will become more apparent I hope by the end of this article. I do realize the modern MTV attention span of most Internet surfers is brief. So, I have purposely broken up this article with sub-headings for your convenience.

A crash may not seem to be conducive to a healthy economy for your Average Joe. It may NOT appear to have any realistic benefit to the people at large. Unless, you are a Wall Street investor and one of the business Elite in the world of finance.

Most sane men fear a “Crash”, but have you ever wondered whether perhaps there is some profit in it for someone with the right know-how? Of course there is. If anyone thinks for one minute that these “Banksters of Wall Street”, ever fear a crash, you will learn today why you are mistaken. The other question is how can you, the “Average Joe”, stop it from happening? You can’t. You must understand this one thing. The ones that use this system of Market fleecing will not give up their one hundred-plus year reign of the nations monetary system so easily.

Quantitative Easing

Most of us are aware of the trickle down effect of money. We hear about it from the President and his financial advisers on TV every time they announce the next round of QE money printing. It is talked about on the evening news whenever the “Fed” starts up this money machine. This is what they refer to as, “Quantitative Easing”. Bear in mind QE is only mentioned in the open whenever they need us to become aware of it.

QE is done much more often then you think and in many different ways. What we see is the simple Bond purchase by the Federal Reserve for one. But that is barely the story. QE is simply the manipulation of a “FIAT money system” (The Counterfeiting of Money, not really worth anything, not even backed by anything like assets, or tangibles). Now, what effect has this on the stock market you may ask? Alternatively, you might also ask; what effect does the stock market have on Fiat Money and its printing? They are one, and the same.

Now let us begin.

The Trickle Down Lie

How do the central banks and the Federal Reserve use this “trickle down affect” to manipulate the markets? Is your government hoping the money they give these London or Wall Street bankers or their pet corporations might eventually make it into the panhandler’s tin cup standing on the corner of Wall Street? Alternatively, is there more behind this idea than the, “Average Joe” should ask of them? Like is he getting some of that government tax money of yours just to feed his family?

Non-believer: Objection.

Judge: Sustained.

Defense: Allow me to rephrase the question your honor, for the more sensitive among us.

The Central Banks and their Wall Street minions are asked by our Government to use their power to fix the price of our everyday Stock Markets including commodities, our money markets, and even the futures market. For the benefit of the nation, of course this is because they are so concerned with the nations well being. To build a better future.

Non-believer: He is now leading the witness.

Defense: Sorry, I’ll move on.

To understand today’s stock market and be able to predict a market crash for yourself you need to understand most of the following concepts. Bear this in mind this is not an article on, “how to trade stocks on the stock market”. There are plenty of those out there. This is simply to give you the tools to read between the lines of what you are being sold and told to believe, as opposed to what is really happening in the markets today.

The Market of the Beast

First, you must understand this one salient fact. Everything you hear or see on TV or listen to on the radio, and much of what advice you read regarding “the markets” is fertilizer, manure, BS.

What I am trying to say is this. Absolutely, every snippet of information invented, or insinuated by the many stock analysts and gurus, and I mean all things said about the Stock Market are just lies in various forms. From the those daily stock tips on the TV to the ticker tape streaming across the bottom of your screen, its all designed to feed the beast. Many of us who have bought and sold our own stocks, know this crucial fact.

At the top of this Pyramid of Lies, there is a massive veil of media market hype hiding the truth, beginning with the PERPETRATED LIE that the market is “way to complicated for the average Joe to understand”. This is the “LIE NUMBER ONE”, Numeral Uno Crapola, because the market is as simple as a lemonade stand to understand. A market is simply operating under the same strains and stresses as any lemonade stand might. Supply and demand, foot traffic, public perception, and if left alone, as any true FREE MARKET SYSTEM should be, as a truly free capitalistic system for that matter, WHICH IT IS NOT, it will ultimately seek its own level and become stable.

So why is it so UNSTABLE?

Well let “me” make this next point clear to all of you. Today’s stock market, is the most over-regulated; over-reached, over-manipulated market that has been and ever will be created in human history.


Furthermore, the extreme effort that is made to keep their illusion of complexity going is dumbfounding, a real tangled mess of deception.

Okay next lesson now, lets move on.

Feeding the Beast

Most of us realize that certain major corporations out there have been given what are called “interest-free loans” and even forgivable loans in some cases (Bailout money). These loans have been given to these companies by one or several of the top central banks from around the World. They are the chosen few, companies selected by the your National Banks. The selected few have been extended an honor by a member of the worldwide family of Central Banks and Bankers, to divide your money, your gift of “YOUR” tax funded bailout money for just a few lucky friends of theirs. These corporations have been chosen and deemed to be “Too Big to Fail” by the banks, your government, and the banksters have been granted “Carte Blanche”, to hand, out the people’s money. YOUR TAX MONEY, among these favored clients.

How is this money the people’s money you ask? Well, the government that is our Government, your Government, prints these things called “Bonds” (the receipts for the borrowed money) in exchange for the Central Banks production of their FIAT money (Money printed out of thin air), when they are given these “promissory notes” or bonds by our Government they send over to the Cartel Bankers these as a request, I’m sorry the Central Bankers these notes as a request. A Freudian slip, I suppose.

“They”, these Central Banks, and Bankers in-turn produce their fake FIAT money, created out of thin air, backed by your country’s bond. These bonds are nothing more then a promissory note used by us the sovereign citizens of any nation as security. In other words, Fiat Currencies are now backed by the people’s labor. It is accurate to say that it is your “grandchildren’s labor and their future”, and the countries sovereign resources that are promised. (natural resources).

These bonds or promissory notes are given to the Federal Reserve in the case of our America system, and the money is loaned into existence by the Federal Reserve Bank (A Privately owned Institution, no more Federal then Federal Express Company) a loan in the form of currency, and then the money is given to the Big Banks of that nation. With the solemn promise to honor this debt of repayment with interest, and in the USA’s case the Federal Reserve gets that interest. Not the nation.

All the money owed to this Gang of Central Banks is thus backed by the nation’s own wealth. This would seem in any deal, slightly unbalanced at best, and down right illegal, as no consideration is granted in exchange for the bond. This is an illegal loan backed by counterfeit money by a known counterfeiting ring, of fraudsters, and would by all accounts be illegal and unenforceable in a court of law.

Nevertheless, hang on, there is more. This Fiat Currency (like most nations’ currencies are, just Printed out of thin air) is then given out to the banking hierarchy and loaned out as Federally backed loans by the nation. Furthermore this Fiat Money is then kept as a reserve of money by the so-called “To Big to Fail Banks”, to lend out to its qualified recipients (Friends of the Gang), thus “the trickle down affect” your Government keeps flogging this idea at you as if it’s too help the economy.

Then this money is knowingly provided to these special corporations as loans, using what is referred to as a “Fractional Reserve Banking system”.

I will speak more of this method later, but first…

What does this have to do with the Stock Market crashing?

This may seem like a long boat ride to China, but bear with me. The Too Big to fail Banks and Businesses win again, odd as that may seem to you right now. These special loans that are also created out of thin air also (Not even using the money they were granted by the Federal Reserve.)

How can this be, you ask?  The loans and/or mortgages that these companies’ signed are created right then and there on the banks books. No backing, no consideration, no cost to the bank. Simply created right out of thin air. And these loans are more often then not just for the purpose of buying back company stocks from the stock market. The same stock market you are wondering if it will crash again someday.

Again, sometimes, this loaned money is received and given directly to the CEO of those companies or the officers of those failing firms in the form of a yearly BONUS, as in Stock options (In the case of Goldman Sachs, AIG, Lehman Brothers and many others).  “Bonuses given for NOT MAKING A PROFIT” I suppose.

Whaaaaattt the… you ask…

Maintaining the Illusion by using Market Maintenance

Why go through this, entire so-called “stock buy back”, fiasco?

Well, simply put. To create the illusion that the stock market is running normally. This prevents it from crashing all together and out of “their control”, as a truly free market system would naturally do if left alone in a real Free Market system.

Again, you may ask, but why? Who in their right mind would do such a silly thing? Why would any company that is worth millions on the stock market do this… if they were worth anything at all? Why would they purchase their own stock back from the market?

That is a very good question. I am afraid I will have to let you determine that for yourself from the clues I provide here. Simply because if I blurt it out, I sound more like a nut than a prognosticator. What you need to do is to put the clues together for yourself. What I hope to do here is give you the ability to determine the next crash in time to save yourself some pain.

Their Dirty Little Secret

Anyway first things first…

There is this little quiet secret, that we in the know call “stock manipulation”.  This is what makes their world go round. In the stock market world, that’s the greatest power. However, to the Average Joe, this is normally spun as a no-no in the ethical world of the fake stock market.

The most common tricks often used are, the Pump and Dump, the Naked Short, and the shares Buy Back, etc., etc., etc. These little Wall Street market manipulation tricks can typically play out, right under our very noses. Make no mistake the examples we catch are blatantly obvious to you as you learn and they are only simple examples. In the real world of Market trading these would be much more skillfully hidden in the daily turmoil. Sometimes these tricks are done using computers with complex algorithms, or using special market software that interface with this electronic behemoth we call the stock market stealing pennies in the blink of an eye, adding up to millions.

You see, if you are a public company that is trading on the stock market, and if said company could control the price of a stock, or more to the point, the price of their stock. Well you win, do you not? You win big time, but not so big that the bells and whistles go off thus alerting the Public of your obvious fraud. When your stock is being traded day in day out, you can make a lot of money, especially if you know the future price of that stock.

Why Not, Take the Money and Run.

This begs the question of why not just take the money at zero interest rates and forget the rest of the market scamming. That seems too complex. Why not just run with the free cheap money? Well, because as any business owner (of a lemonade stand) will tell you if you have loans, you have debt. Companies with outstanding loans, even if interest free loans, always show up as debts on the company books, and this reduces the overall share price seen by the public. Therefore, the fleecing of the shareholders is still the best way of making money out of nothing, and showing a profit.

These conmen create the illusion of a fair market then manipulate the prices. Even if that price is a fake price, manipulating prices is much more profitable than honest FREE MARKET pricing, the system beyond their control and where anything goes.

Therefore, a shareholder or owner of a Publicly traded Company must before buying any stock; know to look beyond the posted share value looking for any crucial clue behind the market price, if not you are truly gambling and asking for trouble.

I personally have estimated that any given share in todays stock market is at least 50% over valued. (First clue of instability of any market) I am quite sure this is a very conservative number too. Some may ask how I can arrive at such a unbalanced number… All I can say is this: this has been my experience in real life stock purchases. So for the sake of argument let’s say this is true.

Sure we can take the estimated value of a company stock, minus the factor of “Quantitative Easing” (the Dilution of the value), and then factor in the subtraction of any amount of shares that these companies bought back from the market (including Shares not actually owned by an arms length deal or outside of any direct Corporate interests).

Then factor in that arbitrary number called the share value (if based on REAL Tangible assets, not just cash flow, and unfulfilled contracts between further manipulated sister companies, excluding non-tangibles and worthless arbitrary patent values or copyrights that most technology and service industry use as value, and what do you have left? (Clue number two: not much.)

I have digressed again, sorry.

As I said, paper assets are simply non-tangible assets that will eventually go to a zero value during a crash. Especially when dividing that value by the actual number of outstanding shares on the market, and you will most likely find that 50% is a very conservative number and most share values are actually far less then they appear to be. Therefore, the 50% value I give most, is simply for the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise, we are talking about thin air most of the time, just assets on paper only. Sound familiar?

The Banking Relationship

As stated in the beginning of this lesson, the chosen National banks are heavily invested in all of these Publicly traded Companies. As well as the men behind these Central Banks. This scheme has provided the money to fuel these markets, and skim the profits from you, the investor. This lesson you will learn time and time again such as at those congressional hearings, with Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and other debacles. I will not be going into any more detail here about the evidence, but I encourage you do your own research.

The central banking system has been contemplating the crazy. The implementation of a negative interest rates on the american debt, ever since the 2008 crash. Will they do it for real you ask?

They may not have any choice soon, because the amount of interest on the FIAT Debt owed to the Federal Reserve cannot be met by the people his coming year. We will officially be in “DEFAULT” of this debt payment. In other words the US citizens will be “delinquent” for the first time in history we will not be able to even pay the interest on this debt. This means the Federal Reserve (the privately owned bank) can foreclose on this nation and demand what it wants from us. The only thing to prevent this from happening is to impose a negative interest rate, to stave off this failure.

I suspect, they are anticipating to prop up this failing market if need be whenever it needs a boost with negative rates. I feel that this scam of theirs, will run well into 2017 before we see a substantial crash in the markets. The idea of negative interest rates not only means we can meet this fake debt payment, but that they the banking Cartel will pay the “too big to fail” companies to borrow money from the Central Banking system (counterfeit Debt based Banking system) just to keep their scam going.

Oh, relax Mister Average Joe, YOU WON”T BE GETTING any special negative rate at your bank on your mortgage. Oh, no, only the chosen ones, get that special price. Your next mortgage rate may dip a little, but don’t be surprised if you get turned down for that next loan. Why would any bank consider a pawn like you, when they can get free money to gamble with in the stock market for free from the Federal Reserve?

What We Can See So Far

The manipulated Market, the Pump and Dump, the Naked Short, The Buy back scams are simply some of the most common ways of stock market manipulation out there today. There are many, many more. The minions of these companies, the Wall Street Traders, and The many, many, Corporations out there, conspire with the Federal Reserve and its CEOs who use your congress and the media to sell these lies to us.

They shout out this propaganda using snake oil salesmen on TV, and on Radio stations, or newswires spreading lies like the flu. Marketing their illusion of ever more consumption spitting right back in your faces. It’s happening everywhere we look these days. Sometimes, they manipulate the markets just moments before inflicting their corporate ruse online, stealing the public’s money at both ends, upon the rising and/or the falling of these stock prices as in the case of shorting the stock.

People Everyone Should be Watching

  • Privately owned Central Banking, which is controlling the largest ever, Fiat money scam in history.
  • An over regulated Stock Market manipulated on every front that can be manipulated. Relying on an ignorant public told its too complicated, and using some very broad, very grey lines of government sanctioned regulation, seemingly designed more for fleecing the people then not.
  • The “Too Big to Fail Banks”, giving out Interest free money to the Too Big to Fail companies, who pay their brokerage houses to buy their own stock back, and buy congress through lobbyist that influences the Government regulatory rules allowing more favor to the shady business people and loopholes, thus perpetuating this scam ad nausea.
  • The corruption of placid Governments hiding behind a forgiving securities department an overseer like the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission.) Who turns a blind eye whenever threatened by the bought and paid for congress or parliament promising another catastrophic or economic meltdown for the waiting nation. Claiming when they try to expose the truth “the end of days” will befall us.
  • We are told we have to watch the shrinking middle class that has to foot the bill for this market fraud; everyday it teeters on the precipice of collapse. We no longer have any safety net for this middle class either because of our bankrupt governments cut backs to fund these thieves. No pension plans anymore, they are gone forever, and most of us know this, we now have replaced them with private pension plans like the 401K.
  • Then there are the banker controlled brokerage houses that use your invested pension monies from these 401Ks, to gamble with as if it were their own private piggy bank. Excuse me, but can anyone recall when government pension plans promised to sustain us well into decrepitude? These pension plans that promised us we would always be taken care of, that they would cover all our retirement needs, if we just paid into them faithfully with our yearly tax returns?
  • We also need to watch the private Central Banks taking control of our money and its system from as far back as 1913. This is when Woodrow Wilson sold us the original sin. The lie of how they were going to regulate the growth of the nation and stabilize the ups and downs of the economy. That’s the year the Fed was born. Wilson, pushing this Bill through on a holiday when most of Congress was home with their families (Now doesn’t that sound familiar NDAA, SIPA, CISPA). The Money Monsters claimed that any future collapse like the Great Depression would never occur if they “the banksters” controlled our markets for us.
  • So president Woodrow Wilson gave them the control back in 1913, and they immediately created the first boom era. The roaring twenties (this out of control economy was never before seen up until then, and it looked like fun). This lead to the market collapse of 1929, that gave rise to a horrific decade, called the Great Depression that followed that.

The lessons are over for now, and the crash is definitely coming.

The original question should not be; will the market crash? It should be, how and when, will the market crash? The people in control of our money, know of such things as market manipulation, and are fully aware of the systems flaws. They designed all of them over the decades. The manipulation of the market is systemic, and the NEXT COLLAPSE WILL BE taken full advantage of, by these unethical banksters. They are involved with the deception and will make quite a bit of money off of any fluctuations of the markets. Oh yes, sometimes they are just small fluctuations or crashes showing on a graph like the 2008 crash, but sometimes, they are major catastrophes, another economic earth quake like the collapse of 1929, and the Great Depression that followed.

So… you are still not sure whether or not you will be able to predict the next crash for yourself?

I can show you some more signs of manipulation in the Market if you want some homework to study. You should also understand these signs as well as recognize when the market is teetering to predict the next crash for yourself.

Tiny Bubbles

No, not the song made famous by Don Ho. But perhaps a stock market swan song so to speak. Bubbles nowadays look a lot like that one bubble that caused the crash of 2008. That one popped during the real-estate collapse of that year. A horrific sound heard round the world.

Why are these bubbles so significant?

Because like any over inflated derivative market, in the case of the 2008 crash it was a real-estate bubble made of mortgage-backed securities that burst, eventually all bubbles are going to burst. It is an economic law, as well as a physical law of nature.

The 2008 crash was caused by this exact situation, a bubble in the real-estate market. It had popped heroically in 2007. This was the final straw for the stock market back then. That crash was created by greedy banks, encouraged by a misguided government and further fueled by the corporate lobbyists of the financial sector. This and unscrupulous financial brokers that bundled bad debts (unsecured loans, or less then perfect mortgages) labeling them triple AAA financial products (derivatives).

They offered these unsecured loans to the masses at very high mortgage rates with a 5-year time fuse on most of them. That is when the high interest rates would kick in for these borrowers, who most likely couldn’t pay. This is a lot like the debt ceiling of the USA and its interest rates. Mind you, the high rate would only take affect after 5 years, theoretically giving plenty of time to flip the house to the next sucker.

Flipping Houses

The hope was that these mortgages would be flipped due to the lucrative real estate bubble that these same mortgages caused. A lifetime’s worth of doe-eyed home flippers grew out of nowhere. First time home buyers lined up for a chance at the American dream. The Wall Street brokers took these bad unsecured mortgages and bundled them together. A dead horse securities market was needed, or what they refer to as a derivatives package. They sold them by the millions on the publicly traded stock market.

Bundled together with other securities and property loans for good measure, this is what is often referred to as a “derivative”. They then were rated triple AAA by any of the major ratings companies to basically polish this turd, to be sold on the markets. Termed Mortgage Backed Securities in the financial sector, just to give them an air of safeness. These time bombs of bad Home Loans, numbered in the millions near the end of 2007, and created a housing bubble never before seen in America, or the world for that matter. Most were secured by an anticipated rise in property value only for the future real estate bubble they were riding on.

Understanding Bubbles

As I stated earlier, “a bubble” is the inflation of a financial product that is driven beyond reasonable value either intentionally or mistakenly, but well beyond its actual value. Take the bubble in tulips. These bulbs were so highly inflated in the Dutch market of 1637, they went for hundreds of pounds even in that time period. Some claim that the US dollar is in such a bubble right now, and it will soon pop when the USA approaches the inevitable default stage coming year for the Debt.

As I said before ,this debt is owed to the same Cartel of Bankers that I spoke of earlier. This debt is another market sign screaming that a crash is coming.

We have now reached the final year that the USA cannot afford to pay even the interest on this debt of over 19 trillion dollars, meaning we are going to default.

The fake debt that we have with these conmen, that we have saddled our grandchildren with, only gives us two options. Begin a negative interest rate policy for the short-term relief (kicking the can down the road) or default on the debt.

The cartel bankers have already created negative interest rates in Europe for this reason. Think of Europe as a mini version of the USA falling apart. The question is how low will they go? I personally doubt it will go very far before default, but then again I never would have guessed they would have even dreamed of negative rates in the first place, so who can say.

The Facts

Know these facts:

The one constant, the one thing that never changes, ever, is the people behind the scenes doing the manipulating, who rarely ever pay the consequences of their deceit.

I suspect our current system of the fiat money, will be no different. The powers that be know this all too well. They are not afraid of us or our armies.

They will use these failures in the economy to their full advantage just like the three-day PUMP and DUMP. They will win as the system crumbles. In the beginning of this article I mentioned standard manipulation of the markets. Why?

They will make money off of this downturn. The coming crash is profit to them either way.

The only difference between a weekly, Pump and Dump compared to a recession or a depression, is simply the much greater time period involved. But the profits are huge too. The bankers and brokers do not need to plan this crash either. They are built in to the system.

All these financial firms and corporations need to do is anticipate the failure ahead of time. Perhaps coaxing it along whenever possible. But these failures are inevitable in the system. All they will do is be ready before it happens. And it WILL HAPPEN AGAIN, and AGAIN, until we change it. That is the point of this lesson.

There is no need for wild theories among those involved. There is no need to wonder if it is coming because it is coming. This is a simple lesson on the system that has been in place for a hundred years or more. It has been polished to a shine by deception. Once you understand this, you can foresee the crashes for yourself.

Mark Twain once said, I’m not sure if history repeats itself but it certainly does rhyme.”

How long before the next, market crash, Jack?

Well, now you can probably see for yourself when that will be. It is a highly manipulated system. The central banks inject “your money” into the system anytime they feel threatened, and do it, as if by whim.

The Keynesian crowd claims the market will stay afloat forever this way. A completely manipulated system has appeared to be able to go on for quite awhile nearly one hundred years now, but I doubt it will be anywhere near forever. I suspect its time has come.

It would seem to be a design that was built to glean the wealth from those that support it, straining the gap between the upper and lower classes so wide it appears monstrous. The gulf between the “have’s and the have not’s” now spans miles and grows wider everyday. Some may start to think that this system of “fake money” has already gone on forever with no end in sight. But like I stated earlier, all bubbles will burst. All fiat must die. Eventually all corrupt systems fail. IT’S THE LAW of the jungle.

The money monsters wholly drive what is happening in the world today. Sometimes it’s done through manipulation of the money system, sometimes by supply and demand factors, and mostly by human greed and the need to maintain the “Status Quo if you are among the rich.”

No conspiracy is needed by those at the top of the system.

For instance, food is destined to go up in price worldwide in the near future. This is merely for the fact that the market is moving away from the less stable paper stocks and into commodities, a market of tangible assets is sought for safety’s sake. However even Commodities are full of paper assets these days. They diluted tangible value and therefore there IS NO TRUE SAFE HAVEN in the markets anymore.

The market movements toward commodities are said to be the best security for the people’s money because mainly paper assets are not to be trusted anymore. When things start to tumble or are abandoned and people flee for the more tangible assets, commodities will rise. The general belief is that commodities or precious metals will never go to zero like paper assets. Nevertheless, as it comes to these markets, this is no longer true, theoretically. For they are also diluted with counterfeit paper assets, such as GLDs and SLV certificates for precious metal trading markets.

The manipulators on Wall Street, the Big Bankers, the “too Big to Fail” have anticipated these moves in the markets years before. Those in control have long ago countered these market movements by manipulating many other markets like the oil and gas, technology or currency markets, and even the Commodities futures market. Simply by manipulating stock and prices using a blizzard of paper assets. This prevents any movement away from their favorite false paper market into real tangible assets.

They have been working on the moves to precious metals from as far back as the Rothschild’s strangle hold on the European aristocracy and the more modern example in the great depression for the gold market was used to quell the failing system during the depression with the confiscation of the nations gold back in 1933. It happened again in 1970,s with the Hunt Brothers and their attempt of cornering the silver market.

Precious metals have been detached from the US dollar by Richard Millhouse Nixon in 1971, when he helped the Central Banks end the gold backed US dollar worldwide once and for all establishing the so-called petro-dollar (misnomer at best).

These bubbles that are in play year after year; are the same ones now as any other time in history, and in no particular order are as follows:

  • The Money Market or Currency Trade (Mostly FIAT world wide)
  • Financial Market, (Another Housing Market Bubble) yes yet again…
  • Commodities Market (Food and tangibles also flooded with paper as many other markets)
  • Precious Metals (a separate form of Commodities and considered real money by many)
  • Technology markets (Consisting entirely of paper)
  • Energy Markets, Oil and Gas (also Separate from Commodities, but a huge influence on the Money Markets, due to Oil backed currencies like the Dollar, Highly Manipulated) this bubble will be the last to form, and will probably be a sign of total collapse of the entire system.

To a lesser extent, there are many others. These are all in bubbles because of the Fiat money system, and Wall Street Banker manipulation.

Any one of these can and will burst sooner or later, triggering another market crash. Furthermore, any one of these “bubbles” can and will be used by the money monsters to trigger the next coming crash. This I hope I have demonstrated to satisfaction in my article of “Market Manipulation yet to be published”. The example I gave was of a simple market shorting method called Naked Shorts. This is how money can be made on the downside of a stock sale as well as the up-swings, simply by shorting the Market.

This is no different then using the Great Depression to foreclose on the wealth of a nation. Many banks did this during the great depression. They simply took advantage of a failing economy to create huge profits. They bought up foreclosures, farms, corporations and commodities on the cheap (at pennies on the dollar). It was a time of want and selling them after the depression exploited the new wealth granted by the Federal Reserve and funded the big World War the nation was gearing up for.

Those failed businesses were so over leveraged before the depression, usually by the same banks that bought the debt back. The failing population had no choice but to sell to these men of high finance and at what ever the price they offered.

After the great depression, the properties were flipped for profits. The family owned banks grew huge (Morgan, Stanley, Carnegie, Rockefellers). This is exactly, the same scenario of shorting the stock used today, but then it was on a much larger scale.

Buy low and sell high.

There have been no less then 47 crashes, depression, and/or recessions in the last 200 years in North America.  I am quite sure, we could have figured out by now how to prevent such cycles, if we really wanted to. So, why do we not fix them once and for all?

As an “Average Joe”, I also wondered why we have not fixed this yet.

However, if you were among the ones that benefitted from this cycle of ups, and downs, you may not want to fix it, ever.

Bankers and their families could go on living off the sweat of others for generations to come if you used the system correctly.

The original question, “Will the stock market crash”?

I hope you see by now that it inevitably will crash on its own. Yes, it is only a matter of time. The signs are all there, the graphs are pushing their limits. The powers-to-be, seem to be doing everything they can to ensure that when it does crash it is soon, and that it will be like no other crash before this one, even the great depression will seem minor to the coming final crash.

No one will survive this crash either. Whether it is a series of minor crashes like 2008 over decades or one massive crash looking more like the 1929 collapse “Black Tuesday” that created the great depression, no one can say for sure. I predict no matter how rich you think you are, you will be affected by this coming crash, and you will loose every thing to it, because, it will go on and on until you lose it all. That is the modern stock market crash…

Why you need to prepare for the coming crash?

Because this is a harvesting of sorts, a consolidation of world assets. A worldwide reaping of the planet’s wealth, the coming crash will be of epic proportions and it’s ready to happen anytime now. All the signs are there.

What is happening is a massive asset consolidation of real wealth, using counterfeit money, your world government plans on mass socialization on an epic scale, the idea of a population reduction is being considered, and the horrors of the Greatest Depression are all rolled up into one big nightmare…

I know… you want to know when, right.

Who can say? We can fight this off with monetary reform. This will work for a while, and that may soften the blow for some of the richer folks out there. We can convict these bankers and those behind them and their worldwide harvesting of wealth. We can bring to justice the ones that have taken advantage of the system for all these Centuries.

Punish the ones that knowingly caused harm to all of us with their money scam. This may quench our anger somewhat, but not for all of us. We can redistribute the stolen wealth to the families that suffered the most. By tearing their system down and giving back the stolen wealth to the starving world. Remember all the people must benefit from this reckoning. However, the question is: can we prevent this from coming again? No, not if we don’t change the system.

I say this one thing:

We have done nothing, until we changed the system. We may think we have prevented another crash, but if we do not change this system once and for all, WE HAVE CHANGED NOTHING.

The true flame burning in this bonfire of humanity is inequality of man in this world, and what is fueling this fire is the greed over the generations of a misguided people, bent on power over humanity.

They are the obsessed, concerned only with power over others. History has taught us that what the world needs most is a new way of living on this planet. We need something beyond this grim cycle of social and economic death and rebirth. We need to ensure everyone’s freedom from tyranny, offered fairly and forever. We must protect all human rights, above all else.

History has shown time and time again. Those who aspire to rule using this money pyramid of power, built with lies and human costs, they will never quit. History has shown us they cannot be trusted with any power. They will always exploit it and always exploit their fellow man to gain it back. This can never be again.

The one constant in all of this reoccurring madness is THEY WHO CONTROL THE MONEY, are always the ones behind the negative forces we see in our world. That is a fact. The wars, the poverty, the racism, the hatred, and what needs to be done is this:

We must take back the power from those that wield it only for themselves. We must, once and for all end this fiat money madness. End the plutocracy that controls it, forever. We must take control. Give it back to ourselves, the citizens of this world, We must never let a small group of individuals ever control our society or us again. That is the reform we need, that is the change we seek.

Be prepared to fight for it, for it will not come easy.

And, Good Luck…

Authored by the practical prepper,

Jack Woods

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  1. Thank you, Jack, for knowledge gained, though much of this was suspected but never detailed in such clear and concise language.

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