Shocking Videos about Radical Islam and Its Impact on Our World

Europe is under siege. As I’m writing this, dozens of thousands of immigrants/refugees are seeking asylum from the war in Syria and other parts of the Middle East and Africa. The majority of them are Muslim and, as you probably know, Christians and Muslims don’t get along very well (though there are plenty of exceptions and even countries who’ve successfully integrated them).

In today’s article I’m not going to present you with questionable stats and data about what these Muslims are or aren’t. Instead, I’m going to give you some YouTube videos that are 100% real and let you be the judge.

FYI, my own take about the immigrants, Muslims and Sharia law is this:

  • many of them are committed to converting Europe and the US to Islam and bring the Sharia Law across all parts of the world.
  • some of their imams/religious that are currently living in the west and the U.S. are extremely frank about their intentions and openly admit Christians need to convert.
  • they’re not shy about making their voices heard.
  • they all think those who aren’t of the same religion as them are inferior
  • they see women as inferior
  • they think raping women is normal (among other things)

Also, please keep in mind that some of these videos are with Muslims already in Europe, meaning that they were not part of the recent “tsunami”, proof that they have a tough time integrating themselves and accept western values.

But don’t take my word for it, let’s see some of them in action, keeping in mind that “some” is more than enough to make a difference.

Warning! These are graphic content videos. Viewer discretion advised.

Imam Anjem Choudary justifies Paris France Islamic Terrorism Fox News Sean Hannity

Here’s the same charming fellow again on CNN:

This is how ISIS is raises its children:

ISIS video shows baby-faced three-year-old boy behead his TEDDY BEAR

Fact of the matter is, some of these immigrants (many of them aren’t even from Syria) are wreaking havoc in Sweden. Though it’s true they have strong and questionable anti-rape laws, the following video is NOT something I’d want to know it was shot in my neighborhood:

Now let’s take a look at how many of these refugees seeking asylum in Europe are showing how unhappy they are with the fact that things aren’t quite moving along as they had hoped. Clearly, the fact that they’re already in a country where there is peace isn’t enough for them, given the fact that they’re running away form war:

Clearly they don’t seem to be tired, hungry or scared. Most of them are young men, who are spending huge amounts of energy fighting to get into the heart of Europe (Germany), when they could have spent that energy at home, fighting.

Here’s what happened on the city of Budapest between these immigrants and Hungarian football hooligans:

OK, I know I said I’ll only be posting videos but I couldn’t find the one where this immigrant is using a megaphone to direct the others at the Hungarian border:

immigrant megaphone


immigrant megaphone


What’s even worse is that some of these refugees are doing what they do best: fight with each-other:

And what happens once they finally reach their destinations? They barely got off the train and some of their kids are eager to show us what they have in store for us:

The kid is right. You know why? Because they were expecting weapons to be send as “aid”. Greek police confiscated this container full of guns and ammo:

Of course, they’re not happy they’re not getting what they were hoping for:

Sweden isn’t looking good, either. The Crew from 60 minutes was attacked while trying to interview them:

… and this is Germany in 2015…

… Hamburg, also in Germany…

… here they are on the Island of Lesbos, Greece:

I guess Obama was “right”, huh? Immigration was bad 100 years ago so it has to be bad today. 🙂

Of course, if you ever wondered why rich neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia or UAE won’t accept refugees, here’s your answer:

Needless to say, they refused Hungary’s aid, even though they’re supposedly hungry, scared and running from war. They don’t look scared to me.

What about the Muslims who’re already here (and have been for several years or more)?

Well, I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.

…this one is from Luton, UK…

…and this one is from Belgium, where about 5-6% of the population is already Muslim and so are 50% of all newborn babies:

OK, time to see how things are progressing in America, right? It’s safer than Europe but, even so, things aren’t looking good. This young lady seems to agree with terrorism:

OK, I think that by now it’s clear that:

A. While not all Muslims want Jihad, many of them at the very least, want their way of life to be accepted by us, “the infidels”

and B., that they are taught to impose their own will and way, oftentimes in a violent manner.

Let’s talk about ISIS for a moment, see what they’re all about…

This next one focuses on how ISIS was created:

Enough scary movies. Let’s educate ourselves a little bit

Let’s wrap this up with a few comprehensive videos that will make us better understand why these people are acting the way they are. This is no doubt a clash of civilizations, there’s absolutely zero chance for this to end peacefully, and we have to understand their culture if we’re going to make it.

Here’s the future of demographics in the US and Europe:

Here’s a documentary of over 1 hour about radical Islam:

…and here’s a documentary of Jihad…

Last but not least, this one shows how the church is seeing all of this, its ties with Obama, plus a few “chilling prophecies” that are likely to happen:

catholic church

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