How Preppers can Ignore the Name Calling By the Opposition

How do preppers stay the course in the face of the bevy of false news narratives and outright personal attacks by leftist, or lies against their way of life by the right wingers?

For many this is a constant battle, which impacts our very lives. So, in defense, preppers sometimes withdraw from these conversations rather than taking the risk of bringing on the wrath from these “opposers.”

Preppers can often be the brunt of the mainstream media attacks on their ideology. They are often held out as fringe Conspiracy Theory, paranoid, and other derogatory stereotypes.

Without fueling further name calling here, let’s first look at this so-called opposition to prepping in general. Many who live this lifestyle consider it critical thought and still others would call a practical approach to life.

Answer me this, people

What is wrong with planning for the future in your life? Planning for the events that may affect you personally.

If you are designing a better way to live or raise a family, and these better ideas prevent you from being uncomfortable later in life, what’s the harm there? For instance, planning for protection from some future calamity, or a very likely social or economic calamity?

How about these scenarios, are they irrational?

Economic Collapse due to mismanaged financial systems around the world

Large-scale War in some form or another, due to constant saber rattling by world governments

Food shortages due to some form of collapse creating an unavailability of foodstuffs or simply resisting the untainted foods by GMOs or the like to protect our families’ health

Pandemic and diseases, natural outbreaks or ones created by an irresponsible scientific community that tries to experiment on the sciences, like Human Genome splicing or DNA manipulation. Or possibly from the labs revitalizing ancient diseases eradicated years before, but now considered for biological warfare by the state.

Natural Disasters can occur, and whether these disasters are created by nature, by actual events around the globe, or the result of reality bending, taking place by a constantly publicized agenda, pushing climate change using the very media that mocks us for prepping?

Or, perhaps you may believe in some form of a combination of these calamities taking place in your family’s future.

Are these the prepper disorders that the opposing people speak of?

So, let’s look at a few definitions out there and use this jumping off point, the labeling of preppers as somehow disturbed or in some other light, unfavorable.


The following are the opposition’s labels, sometimes used against the idea of prepping.

Psychological Disorder: A psychological disorder is a disorder of the mind involving thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that cause either oneself or others significant distress. Significant distress can mean the person is unable to function, meet personal needs on their own, or are a danger to themselves or others.

A Phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of or the aversion to something.

Conspiracist: This is a person who understands the concept of “Conspiracy,” in which the act of one or more people is to make secret plans to commit an unlawful, or harmful act, by working together to bring about a specific result, typically to the detriment of someone else outside the group.

Well these are certainly easy concepts to wrap one’s head around are they not? We can safely say we do not need a Ph.D. to explain any of these ideas to even the dimmest person among us. I feel we are ready to proceed now.

My caveat here is if you believe you might have one or more of the above disorders, well then perhaps you should speak to someone about this. A psychologist, a psychiatrist, or my favorite, my local bartender.

Okay, let’s look at the opposition’s aversion to prepping and then we will apply the same sort of tongue in cheek, scientific observation to their ideas.

It is not a huge stretch of the imagination to say that these “opposition type people,” (who do not prepare for their futures) are somewhat lacking in basic survival skills. They are truly endangering themselves in that they will be unable to help themselves if things get tricky.

For instance, if their nanny government or state or social group cannot take care of them, they may end up harming themselves by not having these skills, or simply they could get hurt.

Thus, it is safe to say they are in danger of harming themselves. (See above definition of a Psychological Disorder)

“Hmmm…” Either, these people are merely children, in which case it is understandable, or they are a burdensome social drain on the rest of us and need to accept their disorder or get their act together for the sake of the rest of us.

It’s not paranoia speaking in any case, but common sense. Therefore, I say again it is NOT, irrational thought but truly their misunderstood concept of usefulness in this world.

Consider the amount of energy that these “opposing groups” have demonstrated. They change nothing about the prepper ideology, and their language does seem to take control of their lives. It’s a true sign of their phobias if you ask me. (I am not a Doctor, though)

Take the major news networks that spend millions of dollars on suppressing prepper ideas by continuously holding them up as somehow fringe and a conspiracy theory. They then portray them as a group of paranoid delusional and somehow a fearful gang of miscreants, ready to do harm to the rest of the world. This language again sounds a lot like a disorder to me, does it not?

Let’s revisit this idea of phobias, disorders, and/or the irrational belief of future calamities that may go against the opposition’s concept of their firmly held beliefs disturbing their socialistic utopia contained in the black box of the corporatocracy.

Bet you can’t say that three times real fast?

This delusion of the opposition, using a twisted concept of a static universe. One devoid of change and never capable of becoming anything other than what they see on TV. It’s confirmed by what they dictate is reality disorder. This truly stands outside of reality and represents them losing control of this ideology.

I see this as nothing more than another form of Psychological Disorder on the opposition’s part. To cling to an idea that perpetuates dysfunction, destruction, and unhappiness in the world is truly crazy.

How about this negative idea of people and prepping. Those who firmly believe, that the prepper culture is somehow dangerous to them or others, and that preppers may have some mental disorder, and should be feared.

Wow, I hope that the opposition will recognize this as an unsound thought process. I hope they will realize that nothing harmful is being perpetrated on them by these so-called radical prepper people.

I say this jokingly of course… “OR DO I,” said the man with sudden maniacal laughter. BOO HA ha… Aha ahe he ahey…woo.

Sorry, I’m back. Anyway, if we look critically at this idea opposition, what do we find?

Actually, it’s very interesting.

We find a group of people or individuals who believe that another group called preppers are conspiring against them and are somehow harming them or society in general.

This is the very definition of a Conspiracy Nut. It certainly fits into the idea of a disorder, or may I go as far as to say a Phobia. It does seem to affect the opposition and their day to day lives. This judgment is based solely on the amount of time the media spends on it.

Needless to say, (I know I said it, call the grammar police. “If it’s so needless then why say it?”)

Anyway, “needless to say” there seems to very little evidence that prepping harms anyone in society. In fact, based on the very definition, it is not a crime against others or even unto us.

These “opposition” people also worry irrationally about, dare I say they have a phobia that causes them to believe that when this trend of prepping continues, it will somehow become dangerous to their very well-being. Therefore, it must be marginalized and dismissed as crazy, or the world will end.


These poor people need our help.

It would seem the opposition to prepping, is very irrational.

There is quite a substantial amount of evidence that a dying mainstream media is currently acting irrationally. Now these corporations must face, that we are simply their friends and neighbors.

This especially happens when these major multinational corporations (consisting of 6 of the largest communication companies ever to grace this planet) have doubled down. They are promoting a singular idea against the off the grid communities and the preppers. Their goal is to end this trend of a now popular growing force of self-sufficiency.

This somehow, seems irrational and mentally deficient. I know I’m repeating myself. Maybe their diseased way of thinking is contagious?

Though this is seen by most preppers as an open and outward plan of attack against life choices. These prepper convictions are held deeply, especially when they show the “opposition” the truth. We see them shutting down our websites and our YouTube channels.  Our practical local movements of prepping are being suppressed, furthermore the labeling of them as an alternative, rightwing, or somehow subversive.

Where does this new language of decent come from?

Again, “wait, what…a…Conspiracy”  That a group of individuals, (like the definition of a corporation) decides to promote a particular narrative forcing others to act in a way that may harm themselves or others. Yet, somehow, anyone that spots their hypocrisy and speaks out about it, is labeled the conspiracy theorist, not them. Weird huh?

“Very interesting,” Doctor Prepper… rubbed his chin between his bony fingers. “What will they do next,” he wondered.

Well at the risk of beating this metaphorical Dead Horse anymore. Oh and for the record of the mainstream minions, just to be clear; I do not actually believe I’m beating a real dead horse here.

Can anyone deny that the world is in some kind of turmoil and that prepping is just the idea of people being safe in this world? Moreover, what should we all be looking for in our futures? Being prepared to stave off whatever is coming down the pike at us, however, good or bad it may be? I think so.

Now look who is Delusional?

Hey, I do not pretend to know what others think. I do take comfort in the notion that there is a growing number of people out there, who are becoming more aware. Something is definitely going on in our world, and we should prepare for this change. Maybe we can even start looking forward to it someday.

So even though, “Sticks and Stones can break our bones,” Irrational people and their millions of dollars spent on media backlash will never hurt you.

So, preppers stockpile your food stuff, dig your holes and build your shelters. Shut yourself off from the mainstream narrative and cozy up to your energy efficient lifestyle. Get to know yourself again without the continuous drumbeat of bent and twisted irrational ideas, born of the media-created world.

I see prepping as our simple reaction to a rational observation of this world, made by practical people. This will eventually morph into a new way of living for many. If you consider what the prepping, community is doing, “I mean they are preparing for the very real rational events in life.” In doing so, they are discovering better ways of living too.

Life today is best lived without the commercial over consumption of material things or the ignorance of waste we live with nowadays. But we must respect the world as it is, as we respect a bear or the wilderness. Only take what we need from it, and nurture the rest. We know that if we respect it we will thrive, disrespect her, and she will end us.

That cannot be a bad thing for any of us to understand.

Here is what is truly irrational thinking:

The opposition’s idea of seeing an army of preppers raging over some horizon waving bundles of freeze-dried foodstuffs, attacking citizens with homemade gear, and forcing the world to adopt our lifestyle or perish.

I could be wrong, but this seems somewhat suspect.

You may even want to seek help in case you fear this too. I’m speaking to those of you from the “Opposition.” You might want to seek some help about these fears.

There is a better chance that the prepper community, with our simple observations and methods of living, will be the ones that help you unfortunate fools when that time comes.

We the prepping nut jobs, which can still see the world as it actually is, and as it will be again someday hopefully. As it appeared before the digital death of those neurological functions that were stolen from us back in the days before mass media.

“So, you “THE OPPOSITION,” yeah you. Don’t be an ass. Listen to what other people say before you judge them. Stop using terms that you clearly do not understand, and have no right to use.”

Now here is a conspiracy theory for all you preppers to chew on…

The only future event left to fear by the prepper community is when the mainstream media starts to speak for us favorably.

Don’t laugh. I am sure this is coming to a TV network near you soon. I bet Wal-Mart will add another isle or two labeled “for preppers only.” It will be located right between the dry goods and the camping supplies, close to automotive supplies. Maybe a whole new store called “Prepper World, or Prep-Mart.”

I am equally sure that this will be a desperate attempt by the opposition to commercialize and deflate the idea of preparing.

The following statements are better read in one of the voices from the South Park gang.

“How dare you thinking for yourself,” This message is sponsored by American corporate media.

Businessman Bob, speaks up, “Hmmm, how can we capitalize on this thing of which we do not understand?”

“Now let Big Daddy Networks tell you how it is going to be from now on.”

I suppose opposition is just the Yin to our Yang. But must they be so persistent with it?

I mean don’t these people take days off?

In Conclusion

Prepping isn’t harming anyone; it is a growing movement. It’s made from the mindful, the people exercising freedoms against a continual uncertain feeling.

The opposition will always be with us. Whether it is the delusional media or the brain-dead zombie hordes, that follow them, they will persist. There will always be comatose couch potatoes who stare into that vacuum tube of digital fire, while still sweeping Dorito dust from the chests, as they reach for the remote to search for their next reality show.

They are the inevitable, created by the rest of society’s complacency in this world.

In the good old days, if we didn’t like what was on TV, we had to actually stand up and manually change the station ourselves. This is the same simple idea that drives preppers today.

We don’t like what we see. There is no remote, so we are changing it for ourselves.

The sense of independence we once knew is gone. There is an unrelenting dwindling of the good part of the world we knew. But many of us have not forgotten that we can still get up and change the narrative. Even without their stinking remote.

Your humble servant

Silence Dogood

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