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How to Build a Complete Survival Armory for Less Than $500

Survival Armory for Less Than 500

updated by Reaper 01/02/2018 Any wise prepper knows that security is one of the biggest priorities regarding disaster preparedness and that having a basic armory of guns for survival is necessary for that security plan. That being said, prepping is not cheap, and guns are certainly no exception. If you’re …

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How to Start a Permaculture Garden

start a permaculture garden logo

One of the key elements of survival is being able to gather or produce food. In any SHTF situation food needs to be produced without the inputs like electricity, fertilizer, and pesticides that modern agriculture relies on. The easiest way to do this is through permaculture. To start your very …

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33 Easy-to-Grow Plants for the Homestead Prepper

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In any SHTF event two of the most important things to source are food and medicine. You can be prepared with stored goods and a bug out bag but ultimately you will need to replace your supplies. There are variety of edible and medicinal plants that are easy for even …

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Senior body fitness exercises for Survival

senior body fitness

Younger people need seniors with all their accumulated knowledge in SHTF situations but wisdom needs to be backed up with fitness for a senior to be an effective member of the team. Some people may have retained their fitness levels by working hard and/or working out. Others let a busy …

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Top 5 Best Revolvers for SHTF

top revolvers for shtf featured image

update by Reaper 01/08/2017 While some people may consider the revolver to be outdated, no one can deny that they’re still popular. Simple, powerful, and reliable, there are many who continue to prefer revolvers over semi-automatics. Even in the 21st Century, revolvers still have their place, and there’s nothing wrong …

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How to Build a Potter’s Wheel

potters wheel

Want to make your own pottery for family use and perhaps make a small income from selling your ceramic wares? If the cost of buying a potter’s wheel is putting you off then take heart – making your own is not that difficult. There are as many designs as there …

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An Honest Look at Immigration

honest look at immigartion logo

One of the single most polarizing subjects nowadays has to be immigration. Donald Trump came out of the campaign gate with this topic, when nobody else was even discussing it, and it carried him all of the way to the White House. Despite the flurry of slander from the left …

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Short, Medium, and Long-Term Goals for Preppers

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When you first begin to prepare for a disaster situation or a SHTF event, the information you find can become overwhelming. There is SO much information available; there are SO many different scenarios and So many things that need to be done. With all that needs to be done, how …

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How to Prep for, Prevent, and Treat Zika Virus

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It seems like every year there is a new scary virus that is pushing in on the borders of the United States. Between Bird Flu, SARS, West Nile, and now the Zika Virus, there is always a threat to worry us. However, knowledge and preparation are always the best tools …

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The Top 5 Most Important Guns in a SHTF Armory

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updated by Reaper 12/04/2017 There are many potential ways that disaster could strike: economic collapse, natural disaster, EMP attack, terrorist attack, and so on. Regardless of the specific disaster that comes your way, what’s important is that you be appropriately armed to handle any security threats that could result from …

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Basic Survival Advice for Non-Preppers

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When getting prepared, it is hard to imagine the actual havoc a disaster can wreak. it can be even tougher if you don’t know what scenarios to prep for. Survival information can be overwhelming so, the first impulse for many would be to go and buy a lot of things, such as backpacks …

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Preppers on the Run, Chapter 4: Run!

preppers on the run chapter 4 logo

Note: you can read past chapters of Preppers on the Run for free here. “It’s not fair, Dad. They didn’t do anything to us.” Alex glanced into the kitchen where the woman and her little girl sat tied to the chairs. Mason had even gagged them. The little girl looked terrified, …

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Kickass Ways to Organize Your House and Your Preps

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Organizing your home is for survival is more than buying in a whole lot of gear, packing it in boxes then sitting back until TEOTWAWKI… or simply making lists of the contents of cupboards.  Life happens, kids move things around, stuff doesn’t last – so what can folks do to …

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Press Release: We just started our YouTube Channel!

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Hey everyone, Today is a very important day for Survival Sullivan: the launch of your YouTube channel and, with it, yet another way to spread the knowledge. If you’re tired of reading, you can now start watching our comprehensive free videos. Although I can’t commit to a posting frequency, we’ll try to bring you new …

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5 More Critical Situations and How to Survive Them

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Every day, the news is filled with stories of disaster and crime that happen to ordinary people. It’s no secret that the world can be a harsh place and that humans can do terrible things. Sometimes, even nature can take revenge and you will find yourself in critical situations that …

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How to Survive a Plane Crash

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As we know, there are many people out there who are scared of flying. Most of the time, they picture the worst possible things that can happen, which includes a plane crash and having to survive on open water or a deserted island. While it is true that statistically, cars …

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How to Make a Clay Pot Heater

Many people have been trying the clay pot heater idea and reactions are definitely mixed. Some claim it works well while others are disappointed in the results and there are constant innovations taking place to the basic construction as people search for the optimum design. However, if we consider the …

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Survival and Prepping Blind Spots

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So you have taken a step in the right direction. You have started prepping and honing your survival skills. However, as you become more experienced there will likely be times when you miss important points in your survival strategy. The sources through which most survivalists learn are fairly consistent. This …

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