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The Best Survival Backpack

man with a bug out backpack

With all this talk about which survival items should be part of one’s bug out bag (or BOB for short), people forget to talk about the backpack itself. In what follows we’re going to have a lengthy discussion about the best survival backpack you can get on the market today. Yes, …

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The Ultimate Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking

duch oven cooking

There is much pride to be had by creating a recipe that cannot be duplicated. It is not always the ingredients that make the dish. Both the cookware used and the methods of achieving mouthwatering results are becoming lost to today’s microwave happy generation. A bag of ingredients can be …

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Top 5 Semi-Auto Rifles For SHTF

semi auto rifles featured logo

updated by Reaper 01/08/2018 Search for any online article that talks about which firearms you need to have in your SHTF survival armory, and almost all of them will note you need to include a military-style, semi-automatic rifle that has a large magazine capacity and can send a lot of …

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What if Martial Law Were Declared in America? Part Three

This is part of our free, online and highly-praised survival fiction novel. You can read the rest of the parts here. Bob woke before sunrise, accustomed to early rises from his military days. He threw back the heavy sleeping bag, swung his legs over the bunk, and climbed out of …

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How to Make Essential Oils

how to make essential oils logo

When the SHTF, it’s not going to be the just lack of food supplies, transportation, or telecommunication that should scare you. The worst case scenario to be in (when you’re left stranded with no help coming), is a medical emergency. Hospitals will be chaos centers, and pharmacies would long have …

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How to Make a Simple DIY Canoe

diy canoe logo

Typically when I write an article I am writing based on my own experiences. Yes, believe it or not I actually live or have lived the things I write about! My grandparents were sharecroppers that lived eight people in a four room house on a farm with no running water …

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How to Get Your Chicken to Lay More Eggs

get chicken to lay more logo

Does it seem that your egg collection is decreased or that your hens aren’t laying as they once did? Or the yolks are pale and lackluster, lacking the nutrients they should provide? When the chickens are part of a plan for independent living or as a structured food supply, this …

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Comparison AR-15 vs AK-47

comparison ar 15 vs ak 47 logo

Choosing a favorite between the AR-15 and the AK-47 is like choosing a favorite child. Wile Eugene Stoner and Mikhail Kalashnikov – the designers – could easily make their choice, who else can really say the same? The design of these weapons is so different in both philosophy and practical …

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18 Containers That Can Hold Your First Aid Kit

first aid kit case logo

Many preppers figure out pretty quickly that a pre-packed first aid kit is NOT a good thing to simply buy and throw in your bug out bag (BOB) to rely on. The reason for this is that many pre-packed first-aid kits contain cheap and low-quality items. You may think you’re …

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Pressure Canning 101

pressure canning logo

Before the advent of modern refrigeration, canning was one of a handful of food preservation methods available. Meat could be salt cured and vegetables dehydrated, but to store ready-to-eat foods, there was almost no better option than canning. A quick look at your local grocery will prove that things haven’t …

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Here’s How to Stop Gun Incidents and Violence in America

gun incidents logo

The whole gun rights debate is possibly one of the most divided issues in this country. With the heavy reporting on mass school, theater, church, and base shootings nationwide, it’s no surprise that guns have been in America’s crosshairs. The Division of Vital Statistics reports that there were 33,736 firearm …

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How to Build Your Own Power Generator

build your own generator logo

With all of the uncertainty in today’s world many people are trying to become more self sufficient. Growing their own vegetables, raising their own chickens for eggs, or raising bigger animals like beef and dairy cattle if they have the room. The more self sufficient are even making their own …

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The Best U.S States to Live off the Grid

best us states logo

bGoing off the grid is a bold decision, and there are a lot of things to take into consideration before cutting the chord and dropping off. The first thing to take into consideration is where you will move, it is not only about water sources and weather, in recent years …

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Primitive Weapons for Survival and Bushcraft

primitive weapons featured image

Even before man had discovered fire, he utilized tools in his everyday life. Most certainly in his array of tools were weapons that he used to kill game for food and to defend himself from other tribes intent on taking what was his. The first weapons were of very simple …

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Diatomaceous Earth is Perfect for Preppers

diatomaceous earth logo

Determining what you need for after SHTF can be a real challenge. There are so many needs to think about from growing food to first aid. That’s exactly why diatomaceous earth is perfect for preppers. It’s a natural product that can help keep people and animals healthy, protect food storage …

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12+ Comfort Foods and Drinks with a Long Shelf Life

comfort foods logo

While you are prepping, it is easy to believe that you will be able to adjust to eating beans and rice every day, after all, TSHTF you will not have much choice; there is no need to make things harder than they already will be. In a post SHTF scenario, …

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