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11 Things That Can Go Wrong in a Bug-Out Scenario

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Most people who are prepping have a bug out plan in place for when SHTF. When times get tough, when chaos erupts to a level that means you just cannot stay in your home any longer, it will be time to “bug out.” Are you prepared to leave your home …

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Top 3 Rabbit Snare Traps

If there is any exercise in patience, it is snaring wild game, particularly the rabbit. Snaring involves learning by trial and error and knowing your quarry. Snaring is the most successful when you take the time to arm yourself with knowledge on this primitive hunting art form. To be the …

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Gas Versus Propane – Which Generator is Better?

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One of the most important factors for living off the grid or designing your perfect bug out location (BOL) in preparation for a SHTF event, is the need for power. We live in a world where power and especially technology make many tasks much easier. If you are committed and …

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Gun Cleaning Tips for Proper Care and Storage

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updated 03/28/2019 by Charles Yor Proper care and maintenance of your firearms will ensure they are ready to go when you need them. Whether its deer hunting in the cold, target shooting for fun with your friends, or, God forbid, pulling your defense handgun in a dark parking lot, a …

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The Survival Rule of Threes: An In-Depth Explanation

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Most people don’t think about how quickly a situation can turn deadly in the wilderness and many people struggle with what to prioritize when it comes to stockpiling for an emergency or SHTF situation. When you first begin to read about prepping, one of the things you see referenced often …

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The Ultimate Guide to Raising Chickens

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There are very few things that come to mind on what you should invest in first when you own your property or begin prepping. Chickens should be in that top 5. They’re versatile, adaptable, and ease of growing making them a staple on any farm, homestead or even for a …

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The 12 Permaculture Design Principles

When you look at a garden, there are many systems at work than simply a seed growing, and reaping the benefits from it. All gardens are a self-contained ecosystem with its unique set of challenges. These problems can range from pests, mending soil, or even that beginnings stages of planning …

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Seed Storage for Survival

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When I purchased my first house, I could not wait to start planting.  I was about 26 years old and bought a small, three bedroom on a small lot.  There was no landscaping, and with an agronomic background I started planning right away.  I added a bed with shrubs and …

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What if Martial Law Were Declared in America? Part Four

martial law fiction ch 4

This is part of our free, online and highly-praised survival fiction novel. You can read the rest of the parts here. The next morning everyone slept in a little too long except for Marlee, who was heard trying to find something to eat in the cupboards, to no avail. Murphy …

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Top 5 Best Shotguns For SHTF

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updated by Reaper 11/29/2017 If you could only have one gun in your SHTF arsenal, what would it be? A pistol? A hunting rifle? An automatic rifle? A muzzleloader? Many would say that the most important gun to have in your arsenal is a shotgun, either in 12 gauge or …

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Diesel Fuel from Vegetable Oil

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Vegetable oil has many uses. It can be used to cook up some awesome delicious fried chicken, potato wedges (or chips I guess, if you’re in England), or other unhealthy yummy goodies. Vegetable oil can be used to oil stuff around the house too, no one likes squeaky hinges. It can …

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The Ultimate Guide to Raising Turkeys

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In a disaster or a crisis, food will be one of the main things people will look for. Meat contains proteins that are vital to your body’s continued well-being, and while they can be obtained from nuts and similar foods, they are not present in the same quantities and they …

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How to Make Hardtack

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When thinking about survival situations, food is always a priority.  Sure you can hunt, fish, or gather food.  However, having food available for bugging in or bugging out is an even better option. In my endless hunt for survival foods, I am primarily looking to fulfill a few needs.  One …

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Will Automation Take Your Job?

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The future is here, and automation is too. What’s it going to be like for mankind, now that automation is with us? That is a very good question. A truly down the rabbit hole type of question. I love these kinds of questions. I suggest you hang on; it’s going …

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Top 5 Best Truck Rifles

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In plain terms, a truck rifle is any general purpose rifle that you keep in your truck or vehicle at all (or most) times, so that you’re always protected. They can be used for hunting, target shooting, besides their obvious life-saving purpose. While it may not necessarily be the most …

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The Best EDC Items for Self-Defense

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Every day carry, just three little words, but they have a huge meaning. Every day carry is referring to items that you keep on your person as you go about your daily life. The items I carry daily may fluctuate slightly but it’s generally the same. I wear jeans every …

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Storing Food in 2 Litter Water Bottles

2 liter water bottle

Long-term food storage is a concern for many preppers, and there are at least fifty methods of storing food for long-term disasters. Most of these methods are very well and good, but they require in many cases some special skills (such as canning and vacuum sealing) that make them unsuitable …

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Careful With These Poisonous Garden Plants

Gardens are places you can go to eat, relax, and get back to a simpler mindset, but they can also be extremely deadly. When we walk in a garden, we rarely think about how plants can kill us, and some of them can drop us in a matter of minutes. …

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