basic fishing gear: fishing rod, hooks, float, lure, sinkers, folding knife, and fishing pliers

How to Catch Fish

OK, you made it. You bugged out to the wilderness or to your super-secret bug-out location. Now you need a continual food source for the long term, regardless of how big your stockpile is. One of the most touted ways pertaining to wilderness survival food is, of course, fishing. There’s absolutely no way of covering everything in …

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a busy street in Berlin

43 Urban Survival Tips That May Save Your Life

Since most prepping advice is focused on wilderness survival (due to the large amount of people living in the countryside who are interested), city dwellers are a little left out when it comes to no-fluff urban advice. This is exactly why I wrote this article… toget give you some of the best urban survival tips out there. The list isn’t by far exhaustive but it …

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