How to Prepare For the Coming Clash of Civilizations

In a previous article I gave you enough scary videos about radical Islam and the waves of immigrants in Europe to keep you awake at night for the next couple of weeks. Yes, it’s all scary because things we never thought could possibly happen in our “civilized world” are now the norm. But one thing I didn’t do in that article was give you actionable advice on how to prepare for this clash of civilizations.

Have we been prepping for the wrong thing this whole time? Are violent immigrants and radical Islam more likely to affect us than any other disaster?

I wish I knew, but one thing I’m sure of is we need to change our priorities a little bit and prepare for this as well, so that’s exactly what we’re going to focus on in this article.

Know Your Facts

One of the biggest challenges I’m having these days is with average people siding with these economic illegal aliens that have invaded Europe. If I’m not careful, they’re quick to notice some mistake in my verbiage and focus on that, rendering all my efforts and warnings useless.

Men lie, women, lie, numbers don’t lie, and that’s why you gotta know some stats about what’s actually happening, instead of becoming a victim when you’re talking with naysayers and doubters. Here’s a few facts to get you started:

  • FACT: Certain Imams that are living in the west want Sharia Law in the west as they don’t care about practicing Sharia Law in any of the Arabic states
  • FACT: Many of the immigrants that came to Europe en masse starting in August 2015 were not looking for refuge from war. Instead, they were heading for the most developed countries that would give them the most benefits (such as Germany, Austria, and Sweden). They refused to stay in 2nd world countries such as Hungary.
  • FACT: At least 4% of people living in Belgium are Muslim (source), although other sources are saying it’s 50% bigger (6%)
  • FACT: There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world right now (source) and their fertility rate is higher than that of Christians (source).
  • FACT: Christians and Muslims cannot live together. They fight in the Middle East, they fight in Africa, they fight in Europe.
  • FACT: Saudi Arabia has banned snowmen (source)
  • FACT: A Saudi cleric said that Mickey Mouse is one of Satan’s soldiers (source)
  • FACT: Islam is not about freedom of speech or equality of rights.
  • FACT: Although Muslims in Sweden account for only 5% of the population, they commit 77% of all the rapes (source). Indeed, the legislation is broader when it comes to the definition of rape but compared the the numbers corresponding to non-Muslims (95% of the population committing only 25% of rapes), they are extremely high.
  • FACT: The Swedish city of Malmo has a considerable amount of immigrants, many of them being Muslims and has seen a considerable increase in crime (source)

I could go on and on with these and, granted, there are people out there who hate Muslims so much they’re willing to fake statistics and scare us. However, I’m confident that these stats are solid and you can do you own research to confirm them, if you want.

Okay, let’s review some things you can do right now to prepare for this clash of civilizations:

Focus On Personal Defense

Whether you’re living in a city, in a village near a refugee camp, or if you’re simply in their way as they’re “bugging out”, you can expect to meet them at any time, day or night.

By they way, they usually have more confidence when they’re in groups so make sure you have means to protect yourself when you’re away from home, such as:

  • a hand gun (if the law allows it),
  • a good folding knife,
  • a taser,
  • a tactical pen,
  • pepper or wasp spray,
  • self-defense skills (Krav Maga etc.)
  • and, as a last resort, you should know which body parts are most vulnerable to hit and be able to use everyday items to defend yourself (I wrote a free PDF about all of these that you can download here)

Move Someplace That Isn’t Friendly

I’m sorry if this answer may offend some of you who’d much rather stay and fight, but some folks may not be strong enough to do it. As long as you can find a place to live almost completely off-grid in an area where most people would pass right by, you most likely won’t be bothered by immigrants. Let’s not forget economic immigrants are looking for free land, free homes, free food, and even social assistance programs.

Strengthen and Defend Your Home

The unlucky people of the Greek island of Lesbos know it all too well. They are experiencing hundreds of immigrants walking around in groups, unhappy that they have to wait for someone to give them papers (because they “lost” their own on the journey, apparently)

Here’s a comprehensive article on defending your home right here, but the key things to do are to:

  • fortify your doors and windows,
  • use Plexiglas instead of regular glass,
  • never leave your doors or windows open,
  • make or designate a safe room for yourself to have as a last resort,
  • and get a few guns for home defense, just in case these rioters are committed to breaking in.

Accelerate All Your Preps

Crowding different civilizations in cities that are already overpopulated will quickly lead to other issues (just like domino pieces that fall one after the other). Soon, everything will go bad so you’re gonna need to prepare for bug in and bug out scenarios.

You’re also gonna need to focus on your food, water, and medicine stockpiles and don’t forget about tools, gear, alternate ways to cook, and light your home etc. Start with the essentials if you haven’t done so already.

Learn About Islam

I know you probably don’t want to think about it, but what if you get caught in an argument with radical Muslims? Knowing a little bit about what they believe in may save your life by avoiding a verbal confrontation that could quickly escalate.

Same thing if you were to go to one of their Muslim countries (like Dubai): you can’t hold your wife’s hand, you can’t share a room with someone of the opposite sex unless you’re married, no alcohol, no sex, etc. I’m not saying you need to condone these things, just be aware of them so you’re able to show empathy (temporarily) to save your life.

Help Spread The Word

There are lots of raw, uncensored, and uncut videos out there about what some Muslims really want. Unlike photos, these are harder to fake and you have less chance of people telling you that you’re wrong. The more eyeballs you get on the videos such as the ones I posted not long ago, the better.

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