An Honest Look at Immigration

One of the single most polarizing subjects nowadays has to be immigration. Donald Trump came out of the campaign gate with this topic, when nobody else was even discussing it, and it carried him all of the way to the White House.

Despite the flurry of slander from the left and the media who did their best to label any conversation on this topic as racist, Trump never shirked away from the topic and his promises to build a wall.

But what is the real story about immigration, not only in the United States but in the rest of the world as well? Is it racist to want tightly controlled borders and to know exactly who is entering a country? Is immigration as out of control as some would leave you to believe and how do immigration laws in the United States compare to the rest of the world?

In this article, I am going to do my best to cut through the hype and hysteria, and take a hard, honest look at immigration. Together we will try to examine the facts and take out the emotion that seems to permeate this topic to the point that it is nearly impossible to have a rational conversation on the topic.

Of course, much of the emotion displayed by progressives is no more than a parlor trick that is designed to shut down any honest debate by the rest of us.

In the United States, in the 1600’s up until the American Revolution, many immigrants entered the Unites States as indentured slaves in order to obtain the money that they needed to pay their travel expenses.  The settlers from England were the only property holding British Citizens.

Immigrants were usually freed, when they turned 21 years of age, which was a determination set by British immigration laws. Sweden, Germany, and Scotland supplied many of the early immigrants in this fashion. The Irish would come in great numbers as well.

There were no real immigration laws enforced by the US government until 1790, the first being the Naturalization Act of 1790 which did not limit the number of people who could immigrate but instead reserved citizenship for white people only.

There was a flurry of other laws soon after that, many of them temporary and very specific, but the Bureau of Immigration was not created until 1891.

One year later, in 1892, The United States Supreme Court ruled that a child of Chinese descent who was born in the United States was, in fact, a United States Citizen.

A ruling that is still honored today and is the enticement of many expecting, female immigrants. In 1920 the government attempted to cap the number of immigrants from any country to 3% of the US population.

This first attempt to limit the number of immigrants into the United States resulted in a surge of illegal immigration as immigrants went first to Canada or Mexico (which were not subject to these quotas) and then entered the US.

Visa systems were created to replace quotas in 1965 but the pattern would continue. With every attempt by the government to limit immigration with legislation, there would be another surge of illegal incursions until the 1970’s when it was estimated that there were 1.1 million illegal immigrants. In the 1980’s an additional 1.3 million illegal aliens entered the US.

In 1986, under President Reagan, sanctions were created for employers who hire illegal aliens but provided amnesty to those already here. In the following decade, the number of illegal immigrants that crossed into the US from Mexico, Vietnam, the Philippines and China added 5.8 million more.

The 1990’s also tripled the number of ‘worker’ visas, increased legal immigration caps, and there was a reaffirming ruling coming from the Supreme Court (the original was in 1953) that promised illegal aliens protection under the Bill of Rights, no matter how they arrived within US borders.

This ensured that although an immigrant was illegal, he or she could tie up the court systems indefinitely and were provided the same protections of search and seizure that every legal citizen was entitled to. This translates to the police being unable to stop a suspected illegal alien based solely on their suspicion that he or she might be illegal.

Under the Clinton Administration, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 attempted to become more strict in illegal immigration enforcement.

A telephone system for worker authentication was created, laws were put in place to make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to receive welfare, and border enforcement was increased.

The Bush Administration oversaw another attempt to control illegal immigration with the Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act of 2002.

Among the provisions in this act was an increase in Border Patrol Agents, the requirement that schools report foreign students attending classes, and a stipulation that foreign nationals would carry ID cards.

This was done primarily in response to the 9-11 attacks though and not the increasing numbers of illegal aliens crossing our borders.

By 2005, Mexicans accounted for 78% of the illegal immigration entering the United States. Progressives will respond to this number by saying that this is only because other countries were prevented from coming into the country due to the Bush Administration’s tightening of Visa laws. The number, however, is not in dispute.

Another attempt was made through legislation to control illegal entry with the REAL ID act. This required IDs, that met certain standards, be necessary in order to open bank accounts, board airplanes and enter government buildings. It also approved the idea of building border barriers. Again, this was carried through primarily in response to 9-11.

That roughly details the history of how we got to where we are today and the government’s repeated, failed attempts to control illegal immigration in the United States. We’ve heard a lot about building walls to protect our border but this is not new and now I’ll  discuss exactly what already exists as far as the border barriers with Mexico.

There are just short of 2000 miles of shared borders between the United States and Mexico. In 2008, there was roughly 344 miles of fence, a combination of pedestrian and vehicle fences, built.

In 2009 this number was reported to be increased to 580 miles. The fences I am referring to are not walls. They are not even continuous lines of fencing. They are broken sections of fence that run sporadically through the states of New Mexico, Arizona, California, and small portions of Texas.

Pew Research estimates that as of 2014 there were 11.1 million illegal immigrants in the US. Of those, they estimate that 52% were made up of Mexicans. So what is the impact that these millions of illegal aliens have on the US job market?

Democrats will say that illegals are doing the jobs that nobody else would do or they would say that whatever impact they have on taking jobs is negated by all of the stimulation that they give to the economy by spending their money.

Harvard concluded that during the 1980s and 1990s, low-skilled immigration reduced the wages of U.S. born high-school dropouts by about 10%, this reported by the Wall Street Journal. This, in most people’s mind, is the real issue.

After all, you do not have to be from Mexico to be an unskilled worker or someone who cannot compete for higher paying jobs. If anyone is harmed by illegal immigration it is likely that it is our most unskilled and poverty struck US citizens.

Crime by illegal aliens is another concern for many of us. CNN reports (and they’re not exactly pro-border control) that in 2014 177,960 illegal immigrants were deported because of the fact that they were convicted criminals.

Between 2010 and 2014 (The Obama Administration), 121 immigrants who were in the custody of immigration officials were released and later committed murder. Somewhere around 5% of the prison population, according to the same CNN report, or 73,665 inmates are not US citizens. These numbers are staggering when listed without spin or political fluff.

What is the actual cost to US citizens for all of this illegal immigration in dollars? According to a National Review article published last year, the cost to the US taxpayers in 2014 for the incarceration of immigrant prisoners alone, was $1.87 Billion dollars.

Yep, that’s Billion, with a “B”. The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates that in 2013 the bill handed to you and me was $113 Billion. That’s for the education of immigrant children, social benefits, medical care, etc.

This brings a separate, but related question to bear on the topic of illegal immigration. With Common Core education being implemented in many schools, what is the cost of illegal immigration as it applies to a ‘dumber’ school system, particularly in schools that have a higher percentage of non-English speaking immigrant children?

One of the tenants of Common Core Education is that the class never moves faster than the slowest student. What of the other children who are now being deprived of a quality education under Common Core because of this tenant and the illegal immigrants flooding their classrooms?

Muslims are quickly becoming the next, new wave of illegal immigrants, particularly in Europe. I suppose if you are Germany and swing your doors wide open to anyone who wants to enter, it would not be considered illegal, however. In fact, the progressive belief is that anyone has the “right” to go anywhere they want.

Immigration in the United States has historically been comprised of people who wanted to be, well, Americans. It was the American Dream that drew them here. The idea that no matter how difficult life might be for them, their children would have opportunities that they would never have anywhere else.

This is significant because it required assimilation. To be an American you had to allow yourself and your family to be absorbed into American society. You learned English, you adopted new ideas and customs and you did your best to be a good citizen. This is often no longer the case.

France has Europe’s largest population of Muslims. This is a problem because many of these French Muslims are not integrating into French society and are instead, creating neighborhoods that ignore French laws and customs where they have  implemented Sharia Law.

City leaders have allowed mini-states to be created within their cities that police do not even patrol. They are referred to as “No-Go” zones and the Muslim residents are allowed to police themselves under Sharia. This was reported on by the Washington Times.

It can be no great surprise then that when there is a terrorist attack in France, by one or more of its unassimilated Muslim immigrants, it takes authorities days or weeks to locate the perpetrators and their accomplices. Terrorists find tremendous support and assistance inside of these mini-states.

When No-Go zones are not hiding the parasites that attack their host country, they are busy denying education to girls and punishing women who do not dress according to their laws and all the while, the French government turns a blind eye.

The New York Post calls these No-Go zones Muslim Ghettos and reports that they are incubators of Islamic extremism. Crime, drugs, and unemployment are rampant. In fact, in November of 2015, three suicide bombers attacked a football match in Paris while simultaneously gunmen attacked a rock concert.

These attacks killed 130 people and wounded 368. The attackers hailed from Molenbeek, a Brussels slum, and another No-Go zone.

Could this happen here? Can Sharia Law get a foothold in the United States, due to illegal immigration and non-disseminating immigrants? Many states are now trying to amend their constitution to prevent the possibility that Sharia Law can be implemented in their states. Perhaps we can learn from the irreversible decisions made by some countries in Europe to surrender their own sovereign soil in the name of political correctness.

Britain, which has been tied to the European Union for many years, famously voted for “Brexit”, or to leave their European Union brethren.

There can be no doubt that a large part of this decision was the fact that they could not control or curtail immigration into Great Britain as long as countries like France, Belgium, and Germany continued to allow anyone and everyone into the European back door. With Brexit, they can force even other European countries to honor British Visas before entering their country.

While Europe is beginning to recognize their foolishness, many in America still want to travel down the same road by throwing open our own doors. Politicians like Hillary Clinton promised to allow even more Syrian “Refugees” into the United States if she was elected President.

However, the American people have voted and elected a President that they hope will, once and for all, control illegal immigration and finally secure our borders.

Perhaps we could mirror the immigration laws in Germany where, despite their disregard for their own citizens by accepting millions of refugees from Syria and other countries, they only provide Visas to skilled workers and academic types. If that standard were applied to the US we would have far fewer illegal immigrants than we do now.

Or perhaps we should follow Mexico’s laws on immigration. Not only do they deport more people out of their country than the US, it is a felony to enter the borders of Mexico illegally. Unlike the US, Mexican illegal aliens have no rights promised to them under the Mexican Constitution.

The United Arab Emirates offer their citizens, home buying assistance, free education and discounted rates on food items. In Dubai, for example, this is made possible because of all of the foreign, skilled workers who live and work in Dubai for decades only to be forced out of the country when they reach retirement age.

Many buy homes there, raise their children there and invest their life savings in Dubai, only to be cast out of the country when they are no longer of value as a worker.

As long as I can recall, I have heard politicians promise to secure the borders if only they were allowed to grant amnesty to the illegal aliens that were already here. Ronald Reagan was no exception and it will forever be a blight on an otherwise stellar, conservative  legacy.

Trump is the first one who has indicated that he will first secure the borders and then discuss the problem of existing illegals.

CNN reports that this has caused a massive wave of immigrants rushing the borders in Texas in an attempt to get into the US before Trump finally shuts the door.  US Border Patrol has sent extra agents there to try and stem the tide.

While he admitted in a recent interview that a wall will not be feasible along all parts of the border due to terrain peculiarities we can only hope that if he does nothing else in the next four years, Trump will make good his promise of deporting criminal elements within the illegal alien populations and stop the rest from coming over.

I wonder if the people who are proponents of leaving America’s doors unlocked leave their own homes unlocked as well.

4 thoughts on “An Honest Look at Immigration”

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    Why no comments, on such an article? Could it be that demonizing migrants, is starting to be despised by rational thinking Americans? I guess we will know in 2020.

    1. Avatar

      I would like to think that I am a rational thinking American and that being said, when the life boats are full, they are full. Not sure if ‘demonizing’ is the right word to use when it comes to migrants but, when a country has Vietnam Veterans living on the streets and social services are so overwhelmed with non-citizens they can’t focus on the U.S. citizens who are heroes and could use a hand up, something is WRONG! Just one of the problems this American sees on a daily basis. Would I like to help migrants live a better life? Yes. Do I want to see someone come to America for a better life and fly another country’s flag, sometimes above Old Glory? HELL NO! I am sure that the passengers on the Titanic would have liked for every person there to have had a seat in a life boat. The truth is, if all the passengers were to try and board the crafts that were available, there would have been NO survivors! When the life boats are full they are full. Just like my America.

  2. Avatar

    The life boats from the Titanic were left half empty so your so called “rationality” is in fact, IRRATIONAL.

    It is sad, that we here in this country, leave the people to fend for themselves while giving HUGE handouts to corporate fat cats and millionaires. In my America that’s just WRONG. We have always been on the side of the little guy. Caring for those who need help and loving our fellow man. The ideological bigotry being spewed today, is NOT American. It is NOT Christian. And it is NOT humane.

    Our vets are forgotten but again because the powers that be would rather see our tax dollars go to fat cats than to the people who provide the money in the first place.The so called “job creators” who I call TAX DODGERS, create nothing themselves but do it on the backs of hard working Americans. You know what creates jobs? Supply and demand. Basic economics 101 that’s it. Not some ivory towered blood sucker, getting rich on the backs of his workers while not even wanting to pay him enough to live on.

    Wise up and learn how we have been lied to. We have been sold a bill of goods that says “if we work hard and are smart with our money we to, can be rich some day” BULLSHIT. We will be lucky if we don’t have to eat cat food in our golden years.

    Having said all that I know, you will take this as some sort of put down, rather than a warning of things to come, based on how you have responded to but a simple 2 sentence GENERAL unspecified comment I posted (it must have really gotten to your personally, for all that you wrote) and truth is I DON’T CARE. Maybe some reader will understand and get something from my words, even if you don’t?

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    Immigrants once made our country great. They came in droves to get their piece of the American dream, they worked hard and assimilated to our way, our laws, our flag without welfare in all it’s forms. If America as a country would stand up and say just as your parents did “our house our rules” and not allow the so often the freeloading entitled ILLEGAL immigrants to rule the discussion. Mexico’s largest export for the last 50 years has been poverty. They refuse the safety nets to their poor so just come on to AMERICA where you get housing, medical care, education, food stamps, a drivers license, a cash allowance for a car but no drivers license or insurance coverage in some states all for free yet they demand more. The balls of these people are big enough to be hauled around in a dump truck.
    The FIRST step to STOP the flow of illegal immigration is to stop the benefits PERIOD. We as a country have created enough deadbeats of our own we don’t need to import them. Quit letting them apply for them and those that receive them give them 90 day notice they will be ending. Let’s end the bragging of the freeloader who gets a full ride to Harvard
    The second step is make violating the sovereignty of our country a FEDERAL felony of the highest degree so they can NEVER vote. Get rid of the frivolous legal battles and upon conviction are immediately put on the most cost effective method of transportation to their own country. If they have family in this country don’t separate them put them all on the same bus, boat or plane and send them back.
    Third, any person who knowingly has an illegal working for them is guilty of a federal felony and serves prison time.
    fourth, any state, city or entity who provides sanctuary loses ALL federal monies except social security/ medicare and military benefits
    Fifth, the anchor baby law needs to be amended to read if at least one of your parents is a citizen of the U.S. the baby will be a citizen.
    Sixth, there are no dreamers. The parents CHOSE to break the laws when they brought their children in the country illegally. If a parent in the U.S. forced their children to commit a crime they would be incarcerated on those grounds alone so why should a criminal illegal be any different.

    The quote on the statue of liberty states “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”. It does not read give me your deadbeats, your lazy, your entitled, your criminal element. Free stuff for those to lazy to work for it in their own country. We are not afraid to saddle the working people of this country with endless debt, higher unemployment and criminal element so you have a better life.

    I realize I’ve painted illegals with a broad brush and all of them are not deadbeats but there’s entirely too many in line for handouts which the left will give them in return for votes in the future.

    The lefts favorite saying about anything they’re against is “If it will save one American life it is worth it” I am confident it will save WAY more than on American life.

    One simple question needs to be on any immigration form is Will your presence in the U.S.A. be a benefit to America as a whole or a detriment and why?

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