The Hidden Truth behind the Spread of Democracy

America has been spreading their brand, the newest version of “Democracy,” around the world for generations. It all sounds quite righteous doesn’t it? We all understand the meaning of the word… don’t we?

The bringing to the world of a homespun version of the enviable American way of life homemade freedom that no man can argue against, just like the Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights, and our Constitution declares. Wholesome freedom that every person should want for their families.

Ah… Democracy, it has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

It’s the global pushback by a freer nation, fought against the hidden hand of communism, totalitarianism and the war with their minions… the dictators, the fascist, the cruelest of those repressive regimes. We are bringing a freer, and better way of life to the citizens of this world, or so we once thought.

We, the United States have, declared ourselves the sole arbiters of this growing movement of Democratic rule. We have granted ourselves the right to drive out these oligarchs, the corrupt plutocracy, and the oppressive regimes run by evil leaders. We are hell-bent on replacing dictators, monarchs, and fascist with a nobler truth, or are we?

Has even this ideology succumbed to the poison of infiltrators?

Because lately, somewhere along the line, this righteous train of democracy seems to have come off its tracks. No doubt one day, history will show the world that we the people lost control of our own government and we’re the ones that have been infiltrated by the Oligarchy.

It will no doubt show that it was not the nations that we bombed that needed our help, but our nation itself.  Democracy is why today we send our young people to liberate and die in other countries, is it not?

Who controls our Armed Forces, and who controls the new definition of Democracy? Is it still the people of this great nation?

The nefarious truth behind these less than innocuous invasions seems to be for purpose of Democracy, but this has gradually become less apparent over the years. The spread of this new version of “Democracy,” has lost much of its luster. It is now sold to our citizenry on the evening news as the act of liberation, the bringing of freedom to an oppressed people, is it not?

What has changed with this so-called democracy? Let’s take a closer look.

The headlines still read the same. They still look much like some base-ball score, written about last night’s double header, it all sounds like a victorious conquering over tyranny.

However, can anyone show us the last nation that we invaded that is now truly freer these days, because we brought to them our version of, “democracy”? Now wait… even if you can shout one out from the top of your head, I want you to take a closer look to be sure.

Because with a closer look to be sure, we soon discover that with these ball games of democratic rule, we have left a vacuum in these struggling nations, and this vacuum falls in on itself when we leave, with such a force that it is heard resounding for decades afterward.

We created many of these modern totalitarian regimes in the past using our good intentions. Many still believe it was done innocently by our leaders?

Some of us have our doubts, though.

Those in charge cannot deny they did not foresee this calamity ahead for us. Many were warned of it, just as I am warning you now of what will become of this.

Our dopey politicians might contest they were unaware that their invasions would cause harm, and there eventual consequences would wreck a nation, and they will also deny the devastating affect they had on these countries’ economies.

They will claim it was someone else’s miscalculation not theirs, and yet they will continually spread more lies as they spread this new version of the word democracy…

The gullible people, of this world will still trundle along, like the affable sheep they are, following a wolf dressed as a shepherd, and most will believe whatever they are told by these carnivores, these war mongers bent on destruction.


Because, it’s America… the greatest country in the world, and we are spreading democracy… and that’s the only reason needed.

How could this spread of freedom be a sin?

We are spreading democracy, and everyone knows that is good, and noble, and a righteous thing.

We are a freer and happier for it …are we not?

We understand our own language don’t we, I mean don’t be silly?

“We, the people” were once the proud inheritors of a truly earned, and fought for, died for burgeoning democratic republic. Now we find ourselves helplessly fighting against the progressive overtake of those same freedoms we fought so long ago for, and we again are unable to stop the infectious infiltration of our government.

Whether it comes in a new form of a political party, or from an old world Czar, some King or Emperor, or the nefarious hidden hand of some secret society who has forced upon us, using conflict or poverty by the central bank, it is still tyranny.

What about this corrupt private banking system does it merely give them a place to hide these ancient families of sociopaths? We must use our intellect to defeat these tyrants wherever they are hiding, for this is the fight for our lives.

It’s no different from what happened two hundred and forty years ago, when simple men, and women came to a new country with a dream for a better life, and found themselves at the mercy of this same group of tyrants.

Tyrants, who had pushed the people too far, and had asked us to give too much of ourselves, purposely crippling those men, and women who they thought they had beaten, but they finally rose up and demanded they be left alone, and built a new kind of nation, a “Democratic Republic”.

It was not a revolt by choice, it was the controlling elite who had forced their hand. The American Revolution was a reaction, not an action against Tyranny. It had gotten to a point where there was no more denying the truth for these men and women.

How is it …that these same evil ones are able to fool us again?

It’s because our lives have become, so overwhelmed by the burden of our day to day struggles. The same struggles hefted upon our backs, by language, larceny and lies of these bankers.

The workingman’s burden is too much to bear these days. How can they maintain a foothold on some invisible treadmill, and while being forced to labor merely to stay alive?

Is this not slavery? Did we not abolish this indignity centuries ago?

People fight against the constant drudgery of daily life, against working on this conveyor-belt of debt we’ve inherited. A hopeless debt placed under our feet by central bankers when we were not looking. Is this democracy in action, or are we not in a free and democratic society?

Have we once again let go of the reins of our freedom, no longer in control of this wild steed that we used to call democracy. Have we once again been bucked off, and allowed her to be rustled by these bandits from our past?

The same war mongers that waste our young people’s lives like tokens at a county fair.

Yes, democracy is just a word, and that word has been corrupted on purpose… I will prove this to you.

The new meaning has become twisted, and grotesque, a shadow of its former self. Today when lucid men look at the new meaning of the word using a critical eye, they see it as a compound word. A melding of fascism, socialism, and totalitarianism. The clever elitist have corrupted our very language, and use it nefariously against us, as a new collar for our slavery.

The elegance of this word democracy has been corrupted by those backward regimes, using it around the world, who claim to be a model of our republic.

They’re controlled by the same puppet masters that once controlled our young nation centuries ago. They even use familiar tactics as they once did in those early years of this country.

First they destabilize the nation, then they insert minion dictators into those countries, and do it all under the guise of Democracy. They insert the puppets, who are easily manipulated by their puppet masters. The nations then forfeit their wealth, and dignity because of these dictators, who only seek monetary gain, and the stroking of their bloated egos.

The controlling elite then leave the nations hemorrhaging beyond all hope. The evil plan of this bleeding of nations has been done for many decades, even before the nation has a chance to be formed.

However, the secret elite had finally met their match two hundred and forty years ago in America, but we foolishly squandered that victory. The founding fathers knew this was possible, so they wrote in safe guards to protect the people from this evil.

Their motives for bleeding out nations has been used against us for centuries, it has always been by design. We have once again succumbed to their lies, due to our fallible memories. It isn’t anything new, the conspiracy of tyranny has been used against the people for millennium this is how they conquer nations.

They have gotten away with so many times in our past, the history books are full of their stories of over throw, because …we forget.

We forget these same powers to be, have been held over these freer nations of this world, since time and memorial. This is how they control us to this day.

Simply by using their minion to do their dirty work. They can pull their strings from afar, using subversive banking tactics, and organizations like the United Nations, the Trilateral Commission, the secretive organization called the CFR (Commission of Foreign Relations), the IMF, NATO, and the nefarious central banks. All of these world minions are used to force us to comply with their will.

These men who have brought down nations of the past are purposely burdening countries with inescapable debt, all while stifling the ability to repayment that debt.

They perpetrate this crime by using regulatory restraints, and monetary inflation, and propaganda to strangle the countries’ economies, and weaken the people using poverty, social unrest, and then they finally crushing the nation with recession and depression.

These men are financial terrorist they are not new to the world either, and they work by design to make each of us struggle in this life. We men and women are forced to slave for their fiat system. A proud people who are never able to work hard enough to pay off this crushing debt load. We are so indebted that we now owe these loan sharks our children’s future.

This is how nations are taken from the people without firing a shot. They are con-men, and we are the mark.

For instead of bullets, and bombs being dropped on the American people, the central bankers have dropped fiat currency, and regulatory control on us.

Burying us under a blizzard of laws, paperwork and worthless currency, crushing us to death without firing a single shot.

Most people can see how war and conflict keeps hurting the world, but can we see how long ago these maniacs have used this simple trick of financial control to crush even the greatest nations.

Another way they control our world is by having us fight among themselves. They do this quite easily, usually by supporting a minority in a country, and then by pulling out (either financially, or militarily), and leaving the weaker government in control of the angry majority mob.

During the grooming process of these dictatorships, the minority parties are encouraged to do unspeakable atrocities to the citizenship to keep them in check. Then the elite retract their support creating the vacuum of power I spoke of, simply to destroy the country internally by civil war. The nation consumes itself like a disease.

No effort on the part of the puppeteers is needed. These evil men also profited from these wars (They call it a business). For, to them, it IS a business… hidden behind their puppet dictators… they sell weapons to both sides the war, for it is just that, a simple business.

They own you, they own your country, they own your children’s future, and after watching this unfold worldwide, and if you still have doubts, they probably own your minds as well.

Today a financial death knell is being heard round the globe. A sort of harvest is taking place, and we unwittingly are helping these men reap the seeds of their corruption that they have sewn.

Some of us can see it for what it is, some of us are now coming to grips with this age-old lie. History has pointed this out to many of us who bother to learn from our past mistakes. The lie is, “the spread of Democracy,” and yet others will never have the fortitude to admit they have been deceived at all, but make no mistake the bell has tolled for thee too.

We need to either take back our language, our dignity, or come to grips with an old word… slavery.

People need to realize that this twisted language now gives new meanings to words like, “democracy” this is not our old language that are used to. The new language used today is often why the young people do not agree with the elderly on the same issues like human rights and freedoms. They are speaking two separate languages.

Our governments tell us one thing, and then do another. They say they are spreading democracy, so we naturally assume that it is the meaning we grew up with. They bring freedom to the world, but then it is quite the opposite of what is going on here.

One merely needs to look at wars and poverty around the globe to see something has gone terribly wrong. Either we are following fools, or we are the fools.

The sad thing is that this dark cloud is being spread using the Red White and Blue name of America to spread it.

No-one can argue the details of concept anymore, because the language has changed for us all. The double meaning of words now proliferate the language of today. It resembles Orwell’s 1984, and his term “Double Speak.”

A confusion of language created by design, first detailed by Edward Bernays the nephew of Sigmund Freud, and father of modern public relations, along with other men such as Bertrand Russel who once put forth the idea of indoctrinating our children in education.

Brainwashing them to the point they would not recognize reality as we do, and could be easily taught to swear that snow is black. Continually being fooled their entire lives, and repeating what there school Masters taught them until forever.

We were never told of this indoctrination… but it happened, gradually until the American people forgot who they were. The new meanings of words have been so purposely twisted that they often fuel arguments over simple common ideologies; the meaning of democracy as if it is now… a dirty four letter word.

On the one hand, on the evening news there are protesters yelling slogans through bullhorns: “FREE SPEECH, FREE SPEECH, FREE SPEECH,” their cries still drowning out the very thing they claim to support.

Then there are riots across the nation of citizen’s against peaceful gatherings, beating them with sticks, claiming to suppress some alleged violent organization who are marching without violence. This is madness…

Who would have guessed a simple word could cause so much anger, and hatred among reasonable people” Oh yes, “democracy is spreading,” my friend… by hook and by crook it will hang over many nations like a dark cloud for generations to come.


If one looks up the names of democratic republics around the world today, they will most certainly see a who’s who of oppressors.

Not all nations, but many of these Republics are puppet regimes ruled by dictators, and among them is not a hint of, “Democracy.” Most importantly the USA created most of these nations.

Democratic republics are popping up everywhere in the world, but I fail to see the freedom that these republics are supposed to represent. The United States of America was once a republic too.

I say WAS, because we have managed to bury the meaning and the very freedoms we once held so dear, under mountains of inane laws, and regulatory statue’s suffocating the people with an out of control justice system, and a crushing debt. We are ripe for the picking. The harvest is near.

We defined the meaning of the word Democratic Republic in 1776. So now I ask you to compare today’s definition to the list of nations claiming to be democratic republics, and you will see dictatorships after dictatorships, all controlled by the aforementioned sociopaths and their organizations.

Democracy is long dead in the rest of the world… Most of these countries have struggled under outside pressures by the aforementioned for decades. The pressure’s exerted by criminals that use the once good American name to spread their vile definition of democracy around the globe, and is now exposed.

How much longer can this go on?

How can we stop this hidden hand of a shadow government?

When did we begin to turn the corner, when will we act?

Perhaps it doesn’t matter anymore.

However, these questions are being asked by those who see what’s coming for us, and it is not pretty. These are questions we all need to face in our future.

Do you believe this great nation is ready to throw in the towel, and admit defeat to our new owners? Or, do you believe we have one more good fight left in us? Can we root out these ancient devils once again, and once and for all, prevent them from ever stealing our freedoms again?

They have manipulated the world for the last time using their hidden influence, and now we know where they hide. We can root them out from their damp holes, and expose them for what they are…

Much like Martin Luther King once said; “I have a dream” but, unlike our good friend, Mr. King, my dream is that one day we will expose these evil doers that have corrupted our governments and our languages, and drag their wrinkled bodies into the light of day, for the entire world to see their pasty pallor as they shrivel and die in the blazing truth of real Democracy… and True Freedom.

Yes “Democracy,” is just a word, but it is the idea that makes men rise up and fight for what they believe in…

“The pursuit of happiness,” is more than just having a good time on a Saturday night, or relaxing after a hard day at the office. Happiness is obtained by battle against tyranny, and hard fought for those we love.

A battle that all of us must face to remain free.

Next time someone on TV tells you they are spreading the American way and democracy, I want you to ask yourself: is what they claim truly a democracy, or is just their version of the word, and another form of tyranny?

God Bless…

Your humble servant, Silence Dogood.

2 thoughts on “The Hidden Truth behind the Spread of Democracy”

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    Skills b4 Gear

    Regardless on what light is shed upon corruption in government, the people of America are “sheeple” and will do nothing to insure our liberty. Why? Because of many factors learned in the “Art of War”.

    Divide and conquer. We are segregated by race, religion, sex, sexual identity, class, financial abilities and more. Even our political affiliations are meant to divide us into polarizing cheer leaders for our team.

    Fear breeds cowardliness. Keep the masses subdued through fear and you have won the battle, before it has even been fought. Fear of loosing your job, if you engage in protest. Fear that you will labeled a subversive and marginalized because of it. Fear of the government and what they can do to you. All these and many more that are propagated in the MSM to keep us afraid and there for weak in our resolve to commit to change.

    Keep them stupid. There has been a dubbing down, of the populous for decades. Americans know so much less today, than we did in the days of our forefathers. This is intentional. The less we know or for that matter want to know, the less of a threat we are to those who actually do know. We are given snipeds of reality camouflaged in biased leanings to cater to our team so all we hear is what we want to hear. But with only one side of the argument, we have only half the facts and so we know only the half truth. Again this is intentional and meant to keep us stupid so we accept that sound bites and lies, they want us to feed on.

    These are just some of why we are blind to the truth even when brought into the light. Until we learn to combat the tools used against us to keep us blind and toothless, we will remain sheep among the wolves.

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    I believe it was Benjamin Franklin? (not sure of the spelling) who said ” Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb discussing what is for lunch. And freedom was a well armed lamb.”

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