Hazards Air: How Can a Dehumidifier & Air Scrubber Help

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When you have hazardous air throughout your home, you have to consider what ways you can go about removing the pollutants, and then keeping it away for a longer period of time. Hazardous air can be caused by a number of pollution agents. Anything from mold, poison gas, ash or even dust and car pollution. This is something that can be done with the right air quality equipment. Breathing in too many physical or chemical airborne particles can have a serious impact on a person’s health both physically and mentally. For most of us, this isn’t normally an issue, but there are times and places where it is nearly impossible to avoid such contaminants. An air purification machine and even a dehumidifier can have an effective on the air we breath and is almost essential to surviving.

Air Filtering

One of the first things you should do is your research. They are many companies out there that sell air filter, air scrubber and fans that can help control the air in and around your home. Depending on your home situation will depend on what your purchase. Most high-end air scrubbers need to be plugged in, so a power source is required. Most industrial air scrubbers are rugged and designed to take a beating. For ease of use you want to be sure that your air filter is simple enough where you can take it apart and clean it if needed. Most commercial air scrubber can handle almost anything you throw at them, From volcanic ash to dust and sand particles, many commercial air scrubber have a HEPA two stage filter that will collect all these particle and produce a clean, safe and filtered air. Many HAZMAT companies use these filter to remove dust and any other air particles in the air to keep their air space safe.

Even if you are looking to keep your family safe sitting around the house an air scrubber is a good idea to have running in the house. The scrubber can filter the everyday air your family breathes. Particles that the air scrubber can filter out range from any type of mold, dust, asbestos, lead, chemical fumes, etc. These hazardous particles can settle on carpet, upholstery, and furnishings, or be drawn into your HVAC air system and contaminate other parts of your home.  While naturally occurring particles, such as human skin cells, animal hair, and dirt, are nearly always present, toxic gases released by sewage-borne bacteria and mold spores can cause adverse human health effects when inhaled. All of these particles can be filtered using an air scrubber. In short, these contaminants can compromise the quality of living. Air scrubbers help protect the health of your family by providing a clean and healthy breathing environment.  You can be sure that these filters are able to help keep you and your family free from the dangers of air pollution when you find it lurking around the corners in your home. This machine can work in two ways, positive and negative air scrubbing.

Positive Air Scrubbing

Using an positively charged air scrubber to clean the air is the least often used of the two techniques. It is used to keep areas clear of contamination. By placing the machine near the outside of a workspace and ducting the exhaust in, the air scrubber cleans potentially contaminated exterior air and pushes it into the chosen area, positively pressurizing the air. Think of taking outside air, filtering it clean and then forcing the clean air into a home or space. This method works well for clean places that need to always be kept clean, such as hospitals, where there are many patients with weakened immune systems, and some laboratories, where having clean air may be crucial to successful experiments.

Negative Air Scrubbing

Negative air scrubbing is the more common method of air filtering. It is done to keep contaminants from escaping an area. The machine is placed in the center of the work area to create a negative pressure system that keeps the air flowing into the air scrubber, allowing it to continually clean the affected area. For example, you are keeping the air in your house, that you believe in already clean and just re-filtering that air. Air scrubber can collect everything from chemicals, to carbon and debris where the accident occurred.

How to Remove the Dangers Air from Your Home

Using the high quality machines out there will help control the air in your home, such as a commercial dehumidifier. A Dehumidifier is always a good thing to have when dealing with air pollution. You want to make sure that you’re getting all that you can from the products, but the only way to go about doing this is through the use of the right products for the job. Never have to worry about not being able to be there when the time comes, to dry out the air, the carpet and the spaces in between all of these.

A dehumidifier can be your basement food storage and ration stockpiles best friend. Most people will store this freeze-dried food, canned goods, and other food ration in their basement. The basement also tends to be the first place affected by moisture in a disaster. It’s a good idea to have a dehumidifier handy to keep your food stockpile safe and dry. The idea behind a dehumidifier is simple, it takes moist pollutant air and removes the water and filters the air. The air is sucked in and filtered, but this filter is not as strong as an air scrubber. The filtered moist air hits hot coils and the hot coils remove the moisture and turns it into steam.  The steam is then collected and the dehumidifier pumps out any excess water. The water is ok to drink, but we would recommend filtering or boiling it first.

With a high quality commercial dehumidifier, the whole house is able to be as dry as possible, so you do not have the moisture lurking in the dark areas of the home. This is how and where the mold is coming from and a place you want to clean up after you dry it out. Make sure that this is done sooner, rather than later. Air pollution can be a seriously dangerous thing to have and you want to be sure that everyone in the home is well taken care of. Never have to worry about a thing, and always be able to get all that you want from the company when you choose to purchase a commercial dehumidifier to remove the air pollution from the home.

With both an air scrubber and a dehumidifier running your family and home will be a safe place to live. Your average dehumidifier uses about 3 to 7 amps and at about 120 volts. Your average air scrubber uses about 3 to 7 amps as well and at about 100 to 120 volts or electricity. Both items do not need to be run 24/7 unless you feel the need. We recommend it certain situation rotating between the two is power consumption is a problem.

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