GearBest 2nd Anniversary + Giveaway: Invite You to Join Our Party!

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****************UPDATE: AND THE WINNER IS…… ***********************************

Thanks, everyone. The winner has been selected using There’ve been 10 contestants and the winner is #3, Larry M! Congratulations, Larry, you’ve won a flashlight under $50 from GearBest of your choosing.


We are happy to inform you that we are celebrating the GearBest 2nd anniversary. To make this event even more enjoyable, and also because we are grateful and feel obligated to make our members happy, we will offer a giveaway!.

How to enter?
Just leave a message to attend


One flashlight under $50. You can pick up the flashlight you’d like to win from this Flashlight category.

One winner will be selected at random! Closing date 28 March!

About Dan F. Sullivan

Dan F. Sullivan
My dad was military. My grandfather was a cop. They served their country well. But I don't like taking orders. I'm taking matters into my own hands so I'm not just preparing, I'm going to a friggin' war to provide you the best of the best survival and preparedness content out there.


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    Larry Levingston

    Happy anniversary to GearBest. I have not tried their products yet.

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    Not tried any products as yet from this brand but if you ship to the UK then im highly likely to, Happy Anniversary GearBest

  3. Avatar

    I have made numerous purchases form GearBest since they have great products and pricing. Treat #3 sounds like a winner to me.

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    Happy Annivrrssry Gear best

  5. Avatar

    Here’s to many more anniversaries

  6. Avatar

    Treat #1 because I like to try different foods before I buy

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    Your water drought thing didn’t have a water making device. I will not watch a NASA video.
    Nasa is purely POLITICAL in nature and purpose. If private industry had that kind of resources we would be living on the moon and Mars. I know. I worked for Orbital Sciences for 10 years. OSC did what even Boeing couldn’t do due to “politics involved”.

    • Dan F. Sullivan

      That’s not really my video and the water making device is introduced later in the video. The comments section in this article is for the giveaway, thus, your comment as well as mine will NOT count when using to select the winner.

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    Always like to find new sites with new gear. It’s pretty common to put something through its paces and find premature failure. Always better to find it prior to any Post Fan event. Will be trying out this gear soon. SARDiver

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    Happy Anniversary Gearbest!

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    I would chose the following:
    Xtar RC1 Darkwalker Cree XP – G2 S2 450Lm Waterproof 18650 / 18700 USB LED Flashlight Torch – BLACK

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    sounds fun! it would be a hard choice, but maybe i’d pick an Olight or Fenix flashlight

  12. Dan F. Sullivan

    Thanks, everyone. The winner has been selected using There’ve been 10 contestants and the winner is #3, Larry M! Congratulations!

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