87 Fantastic Paracord Uses (Can You Think of More?)

Paracord, also known as parachute cord, is a lightweight cord that’s indispensable to survival, camping, and hiking. If you don’t know all the amazing paracord little projects you can do, it makes little sense to stockpile it.

I’m not going to bore you with its history, suffice it to say it was first used in WWII as – that’s right! – a parachute cord and it was only a matter of time until its many other uses were discovered.

United States Army standard parachute cord
United States Army standard parachute cord

Which brings me to the topic of this article: to list out all the paracord uses for survival one can think of.

First, I need to make an important point. If you can, always buy the 550 paracord (a.k.a. the military paracord) that will hold up to 550 pounds. It’s the best one there is and you never know when you’ll need it for it’s sheer resistance. Commercial paracord is not mil-spec!

Ready for another one of my mega-lists? Great, here we go!

#1. To make a Paracord bracelet 

You can find a variety of paracord bracelets to choose from. Use them as part of your everyday carry gear so you have one less item stuffed in your pants.

#2. To make fire

Useful to construct the bow for your bow drill kit. The bow drill method is one way to create a fire without matches or a lighter.

#3. To make a bow for hunting

Obviously, if you can make a bow to start a fire, you can also make one for hunting small game.

#4. To make shelter

Use paracord to help you put up a ridgeline and secure a tarp to create a makeshift shelter.

#5. To pull a rag through the barrel of a shotgun to clean it

#6. As a fishing line

No, not the entire paracord, you have to open it up and use one of the the inner lines.

#7. Use it to make a net from the inner threads

#8. To bundle things

Maybe you need to lower your gear off a steep slope or something.

#9. To secure your hiking boots (and other items) to your bug-out bag

Well, you don’t expect to run through the woods in your office shoes? Secure your hiking boots to your BOB so you can grab them both at one time and run when the time comes.

#10. To wrap on a knife, a hammer, a flashlight or a crowbar for a better grip:

flashlight with paracord wrapped around it
flashlight with paracord wrapped around it

This will make it more comfortable to use.

#11. To lock various things…

…such as chicken coop doors, etc.

#12. To help make a swing

#13. To make a small zipper pull

#14. For rescues (flash floods etc.)

#15. To be used as jump rope

Well, you need to get into shape so why not incorporate it as part of your survival training? Plus, your kids might enjoy skipping rope post-SHTF when their iPhones and other electronics will likely be dead.

#16. To hang a bear bag…

…to make sure that no bear will touch your food.

#17. Use glow in the dark paracord to mark stuff

…or even to make yourself visbile at night, if that’s what you need.

#18. At the bottom of your DIY water filter

Just stuff it in at the bottom of the filter.

#19. Use it as glue

That’s right. Just use a lighter to melt it and glue all kinds of stuff, such as a hole in your inflatable boat, an arrow head, etc.

#20. A cell-phone case

#21. To make a gig used for fishing

…by placing it at the bottom of the split to prevent it from splitting even more.

#22. To make a paracord hammock

#23. To tie your windshield wipers…

You can pull the cord with your hands to move the wipers back and forth from the inside of your car.

#24. To make a neck strap for your glasses

#25. To make a long lanyard for your survival knife

#26. A trip line

#27. To secure your knife to a pole to make a spear

#28. As a temporary bra strap

#29. To make a pet leash or a dog collar

Surely you have your pets ready for SHTF, right?

#30. For shoelaces

Simply remove the inner lines (which have a million and one uses) and use the nylon coating as shoelaces.

Tip: use a lighter to seal the ends of the coating to prevent it from fraying. Just set the ends on fire for a few seconds, then press each ending individually with your fingers to seal it.

#31. To splint broken fingers

#32. As a tourniquet

You need to be careful, though. Paracord is a little too thin for this but, when you have no choice…

#33. To make an arm sling

#34. To make wooden flip-flops

#35. As dental floss

I don’t need to tell you about the importance of dental floss pre and post disaster. Use the inner threads as floss and you’ll keep your teeth healthy.

#36. To make a rifle sling

#37. To sew clothes and even your tent (by using the inner threads, of course)

#38. To help splint a broken leg

#39. To make a primitive ax

…by securing the ax head to the handle.

#40. To make climbing rope

Paracord is too thin to be used for climbing. However, you can make a fast rope out of it like so:

How to Make a Fast Rope for Climbing

Tip: Avoid cutting your Paracord if you can. the more you use it, the more you’ll cut it into pieces, which prevents you form putting it back together. If it’s too long and it doesn’t bother you, leave it the way it is.

#41. To weave a rope mat

This video shows you how:

DIY Tutorial: How to Weave a Rope Mat | EDELRID

#42. A carry strap (pendant)…

For various items such as a whistle, a GPS, your phone, and so on.

#43. To make a rock sling for hunting

#44. As a laundry line

#45. To tie someone up (and hope he doesn’t know how to escape being handcuffed with Paracord).

#46. To make a belt

#47. As a rubber band to tie your hair

#48. To make a snare

Use the inner strands, of course.

#49. To wrap your steering wheel

#50. To make a tripod

#51. To tie anything you can think of:

  • a scarecrow to the pole
  • a hunted animal’s legs (also to a pole)
  • a bad guy
  • a life buoy
  • stuff on the top of your car
  • things to your bike or backpack

#52. To cut certain things, including paracord

Yep, it’s possible, as long as you use the inner lines. You can even make a bow saw, if you want!

#53. As a parachute cord!

Well, that was the original usage, right? Use it at your own risk in conjunction with a tarp, although I strongly recommend you find other means of escaping or getting where you want.

#54. To attach it to a magnet to retrieve your keys from the sewage

…or any other inaccessible place.

#55. To wrap your shoes if the sole starts coming off

#56. Tie a flashlight to it and throw it over a branch to light the entire area below

#57. Make a hobble to prevent an animal from walking

#58. Use it to hoist up your antenna off a tree for better signal

Tie a rock at the end, of course, to be able to throw it over a branch.

#59. As a self defense weapon

Use your imagination…

#60. To secure your boat

Think small boats, such as kayaks, canoes, and so on.

#61. To pull out a motorcycle or an ATV

You’re actually going to need several paracords for this.

#62. To have a blind person hold on to while bugging out

#63. As a lasso

#64. As a trotline for catching fish

#65. To mark safe zones

#66. To make a rope bridge

#67. Tie your gloves together to avoid losing them

#68. Use it to count your paces with ranger beads

#69. To make a DIY backpack

#70. To make a stretcher

#71. To climb a tree

Just place it around the tree as you’re climbing it.

#72. To make a whip

#73. To pull out a tooth

#74. To make a bridle

#75. To hold a rolled up mattress

#76. To make a balance scale

#77. As a bartering item post-SHTF

#78. To secure yourself to a boat when you dive

Useful as a guideline to find your way back to the boat.

#79. To keep your pants’ bottoms tight around your boots

#80. To replace tire chains…

#81. To tie down your trunk’s lid

#82. As hanger for plants

Useful for vertical gardening purposes.

#83. As an emergency starter for your generator or a chain saw

#84. To make the handles of a hand-crank chainsaw

#85. A ladder

#86. A chair

#87. A fishing lure

#88 [write a comment below and let me know any paracord uses I may have missed and I’ll add them right here]

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  1. I will save a long piece of cord to raise the American Flag and my Second Ammendent Rights “T” shirt after we have convinced certain liberals we WILL NOT allow them to destroy the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !

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