Shelter is one of the basic survival needs, and it’s considered to be more important than food and water.


Whether you want to learn how to build one using sticks and other natural materials, or if you want to know which survival gear will keep you safe from the elements, you’ve come to the right place.


Read the articles below to find out more about shelters.

Making your Shelter Invisible

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Many survival sites discuss being visible in a survival situation. They talk about signaling for rescue with smoke or signal mirrors. They talk about the fastest way to be spotted by other people. What if you do not want to be seen? What if you have escaped from captors and …

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Building a Bunker: A Hole in the Ground to Call Home

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Okay, so I know it is a bit of a survival cliché.  Everybody can think of a war movie where people are hiding out in bunkers, or one where a conspiracy theorist is heading underground.  However, do not be so quick to make assumptions.  The fact of the matter is …

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Choosing Your Survival Retreat

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Every prepper is going to be confronted with one simple question during a SHTF event or disaster scenario: should you bug in or bug out?  There is no universal answer to this question because it is entirely dependent on your individual resources and the scenario that you find yourself in. …

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