Primitive Living

In the aftermath of a collapse, with most modern-day conveniences gone, we’ll likely end up living like our ancestors.


Primitive living goes back to ancient times, when people survived with almost nothing. If you want to cross the border between a prepper and a true survivalist,

Primitive Traps for Small Game

primitive traps small game featured

One of the most important tests of someone’s survival skills is whether they can consistently provide food for themselves in the wilderness. Although a knowledge of edible and medicinal plants, fruits and roots is important, in long term survival scenarios and particularly during winter, when plant foods are scarce, survival …

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Uses for Deer Antlers in (Primitive) Survival

deer antler uses featured

Antlers are a feature unique to deer, no other group of animals have them. Some like antelope and cows may appear to have similar features but they in actual fact have horns. Horns differ from antlers in several ways; Horns are made of keratin, the same material that makes up …

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Primitive Survival Tools: The Full List

primitive survival tools featured

Before modern steel, ferocerium rods, paracord and the other accoutrements of modern bushcraft and survival our hunter gatherer ancestors would have created all the tools they needed from the bounty of the natural world around them. As well as being an interesting outdoor skill in it’s own right  being able …

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