Farming may be a little more complicated than homesteading, but it’s sure as heck a better way to prepare for a long-term disaster.


Think about it…


You’ll have enough land and natural resources to live self-sufficiently for the rest of your life. No one will bother you: no zombies, no thugs and gangs, and most likely very few Government officials.


Learn how to farm by reading our selection of articles below.

The Best Horses for Homesteaders and Preppers

best horses for prepping

The survival uses for horses are abundant. After the SHTF and the power grid ultimately fails, the hooved beauties will once again be the primary mode of transportation in the United States of America. Caring for and training a horse is a massive commitment and requires factoring their needs into …

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Mushroom Farming 101

mushroom farming featured-image

Mushrooms are an excellent home-grown food for preppers: they can also be grown indoors, seasons and weather conditions do not have bearing on your production, and they are nutritious. They’re a wonderful addition to your home-cooked meals, and mushroom growing can be a hobby or business. There is much to …

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How to Farm on a Quarter Acre

Farming is a wonderful hobby for many. One of the greatest qualities of any great civilization is the ability to have sufficient food reserves.A steady food supply is crutical for your long term survival, even if you don’t have that much space in your garden. Besides, food is not the …

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Equipping Your Tractor for SHTF

equipping tractor shtf

We’re talking worst-case scenarios here. You’ll need to find a way around potentially hazardous terrain safely, and as you can imagine, that’s no easy task. Even if two opposing preppers are reading this post and come to blows one day, you’ll still be protected. For survival in the field and …

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How to Prepare your Farm for SHTF

prepare your farm for shtf

As you are more likely aware, the best way to ensure one’s survival after TSHTF is to move to a rural area, this is why so many city preppers have a dwelling outside the city limits. Indeed, many of these dwellings have been optimized to turn into self-sustaining farms. While …

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Here’s How to Use a Scythe

how to use a scythe

There’s nothing particularly novel about the scythe. For centuries, this agricultural wonder-tool was commonplace among small-scale farmers. Most knew how to maximize the benefits of these hook-bladed implements, using them to cut fields of hay, grain and weeds. With the advent of horse-drawn ploughs and petroleum-powered harvesters, the scythe slipped …

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