Family Survival

Having a family makes survival that much more complicated. Your spouse and kids will not only need additional gear and training, but they may not have the mental training necessary to stay calm and do what’s needed when the big one hits.


Read the articles below and start prepping your family to survive whatever may come your way.

17 Crucial Things to Your Pet’s Survival

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A majority of Americans own at least one pet. Our pets are valuable and loved members of our families. However, we often forget about them while we are making our SHTF scenarios. Pets still need to eat, drink and take their regular medications. If you are a pet owner, taking …

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Survival Skills for Kids

Disaster may strike at any time and any place. Though you will no doubt do all you can to protect your children or grandchildren from harm, you may not always be around to look out for them. Even though they’re still young, they should know some basic survival skills so …

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Your Customized Family Emergency Plan

There’s no doubt that emergency situations are hectic. Add family members to the equation and the amount of chaos can double or even triple. Because of this, a plan of action is not only a good idea but also completely necessary to survive.  To help you prepare your family for …

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40 Ways To Kill Time after Doomsday

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To be honest, the thought of not having Internet and a working cell-phone post disaster (whatever that may be), is frightening to me. Even though we humans lived for millions of years without blogs, Facebook, and Google, it’s going to be tough for most of us to kill time when …

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