DIY Projects

DIY Solar Powered Water Heater

diy solar water heater logo

Without the Sun, the Earth would just be a big dark ball of rock and ice floating through empty, desolate space. Nothing, or anyone you know, would ever have been. Nothing, or anyone, would ever be. There would be no life as we know it. Oh sure, it’s possible, maybe …

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The Best DIT Stink Bug Trap

diy stink bug trap

Ah, the aroma of cilantro floats through the air…but wait, it is not Italian tonight? That distinctive scent could be our armored little friend- the Asian stink bug. With stink bugs now in over 41 states, even Home Depot and Lowes are starting to carry special traps. On Amazon they …

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Improvised Batteries

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One thing that we live with in our daily life, so much that we never really even consider, is electricity. We are plugged in, turned on, and lit up. If and when we ever get to a time and place that we can’t just plug in any more, run to …

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The Humble Stick

the humble stick

A stick is a stick. You can do almost anything with a stick. A very small stick can get something unstuck from your teeth. A very large stick can be used to make a trap to crush a man or vehicle. You can use sticks in their natural condition to …

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How to Make a Water Filter in a Barrel

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Rain is like manna from heaven. All life here on our lovely planet requires water to live, and lots of it. Just like planet earth, our bodies are mostly water, so ya gotta have it. Most people are tapped in to their city water and they are comfortable with that. …

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How to Make a Simple DIY Canoe

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Typically when I write an article I am writing based on my own experiences. Yes, believe it or not I actually live or have lived the things I write about! My grandparents were sharecroppers that lived eight people in a four room house on a farm with no running water …

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How to Build Your Own Power Generator

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With all of the uncertainty in today’s world many people are trying to become more self sufficient. Growing their own vegetables, raising their own chickens for eggs, or raising bigger animals like beef and dairy cattle if they have the room. The more self sufficient are even making their own …

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How to Build a Potter’s Wheel

potters wheel

Want to make your own pottery for family use and perhaps make a small income from selling your ceramic wares? If the cost of buying a potter’s wheel is putting you off then take heart – making your own is not that difficult. There are as many designs as there …

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How to Make a Clay Pot Heater

Many people have been trying the clay pot heater idea and reactions are definitely mixed. Some claim it works well while others are disappointed in the results and there are constant innovations taking place to the basic construction as people search for the optimum design. However, if we consider the …

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