Bugging In

Every prepper should first and foremost plan to bug in in case of a disaster of any size. Bugging out should always be plan B.


Some of the things you should be doing in order to prepare is secure your home, stockpile food and water (among other things), ensure you have renewable food and water sources, and much, much more.


Take a look at our articles on bugging in below:

The Best Off-Grid Homes for Preppers

Off Grid Homes for Preppers

Designing and building an off grid house for a survival retreat is an exciting endeavor, but one that can be full stress, confusion, and governmental red tape. Off the grid homes, contrary to popular belief, can be built anywhere and be as large as your budget will allow. Only a …

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Homeschooling 101 for Preppers

homeschooling 101 featured image

updated by Tara Dodrill 01/30/2018 updated by Tara Dodrill 08/17/2018 There’s no denying that public schools in the United States and other places are in a decline. More parents than ever are considering alternatives to public education including online schooling, private or charter schools, homeschooling, and even unschooling. We’ve all …

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Survival Sanitation When You’re Bugging In

bugging in sanitation logo

As things are, bugging in vs bugging out is a lifestyle choice. Considerations such as a stockpile, underground bunker, medical supplies and a self-contained garden and animal food system can make the choice easy to bug in for survival. Other reasons to stay put on a homestead rather than bug …

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