Burying Your Guns And Other Places To Store Them

Periodically gun laws are reviewed and there are threats that certain guns, or sometimes all guns, can no longer be owned by the citizens of the country!

This is often a result of pressure from anti-gun groups or a reaction to an increase in gun violence. However, the reality is that those guns are generally black market and will continue to be in existence.

The guns you have at home are usually your defense against a home invasion. They can also be a valuable addition to your disaster survival plans.

The target of these bans is often rifles and semi-automatic weapons because these are seen as the most deadly. A semi-automatic weapon can injure or kill many people in virtually no time. But, a good rife with the right scope can kill many without the shooter being seen. You can find out more about the best scope for your needs by visiting gungods.net.

The solution is to stash your weapons. The safest way to do this is generally through burying them.

Unfortunately, moisture and guns do not generally get on well together; this is why it is important to prepare your guns properly before you store them.

This applies regardless of where you intend to store your weapons:

Take It Apart

You need to protect every part of your gun so it is advisable to take them apart. This will ensure every piece is properly treated and stored.

It should go without saying that all ammo is removed from the chamber.

Rust Prevention

You will need to coat every part of your gun with rust preventative oil. Be generous with your application as you want it to preserve your weapon.

The oil should dry to form a waxy coating; you will need to make sure each of the pieces is completely covered.

Once you have coated the piece it is important to handle it as little as possible.

Bag It

The piece should be placed into a sealable plastic bag. A vacuum bag would be excellent to keep all air out.

Before sealing each bag you should place a bag of silica gel inside, this will help to remove any moisture.

An alternative is to push all the air out physically and then seal the bag with an iron; the heat will melt the edges together.

Every piece should be placed into its own bag; if one piece goes rusty it does not mean that the gun is useless.

Place all the individual bags into one big bag and heat seal this, after adding silica gel.


As well as all the pieces of your gun you should bag up as many spare bullets as you have and include a degreaser. This will help you to remove the rust preventative oil from the weapon.

It is also a good idea to include a cleaning rod, patches, gun oil and even the owner’s manual; this will make sure you have everything you need to get your gun working again.

Pipe Work

When burying it is advisable to place he large bag of pieces inside a piece of pipe; gutter size should do.

Once the pieces are all in the pipe you can seal one end and pack the pipe to protect the weapon inside. You can then seal the other end and even use a PVC solvent to make sure moisture cannot get in.

Burying It

You need to have a hole approximately 6 foot deep; this will prevent someone from finding it accidentally or a bad storm exposing your weapon.

The real issue with burying is how to mark the spot. You can’t share the location with anyone so you will need to know how to relocate it yourself. This might seem easy when you walk into the forest and see a clearing or fallen tree. But, the landscape will change over the years.

The best approach is to bury it at the base or under a specific tree and then mark it discreetly. You’ll need to return regularly to ensure that you can easily relocate the tree. If you don’t then you might never find your gun again even if you preserved it perfectly.

You might find it a good idea to run a metal detector across the area and see whether it picks your gun up or not.

Other Ways Of Storing Your Gun

Burying your gun is an excellent way to get it out of your house and hidden so that no one can find it. However, although potentially the best answer it is not the only one:

The Gun Safe

A good gun safe will keep your guns in perfect condition and ready to use instantly.

If you are looking to ensure your guns are not found you’ll need to hide the gun safe somewhere it will not be found.

You could put it into your wall and create a secret opening for it. The floorboards are another good option as is the roof space.

However, even when storing it in a safe you should use rust preventative oil to ensure it remains well preserved.

Off Site

If you have a separate property or a lodge you frequent regularly it is possible to hide your gun in it without needing to bury it. However, if you feel comfortable doing this it is important to remove a key piece, such as the firing pin and hide it elsewhere. This will stop anyone else from using it.

It will still need to be put into wax paper or a purpose designed storage bag to prevent it corroding.

You should also remember that these weapons cannot be uncovered and fired. They must be reassembled and properly cleaned. The very oil that protects them from rusting can also cause a misfire if you don’t clean them off first.

It is important to be aware of this before you intend to use the gun as it will take some time to clean and put back together.

Treating it properly before storing is the key to keeping your gun safe and in full working order; do not skimp on this stage!

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    Midway USA sells Cosmoline. For storage it’s still pretty much as good as it gets.

    Some say that if you think it’s time to bury your guns, it’s actually time to dig them up.

    • Avatar

      You bury them to avoid losing them in upcoming unpleasantness. You dig them up when the unpleasantness starts and the early losses are behind you (you don’t bury them ALL).

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    My personal technique is to takedown all “black” rifles into two parts, oil them, silicone gun sock, desiccant, and then shrink-wrap. Long guns, handguns and 20,000 rds of ammo are wrapped likewise. Then they all went into a 535 gallon water tank buried in the ground with only the screw cap exposed which is covered by two steel plates. Then entire thing is hidden beneath a children’s jungle gym. Watertight, fireproof, theft proof, government proof, tornado proof, absolute piece of mind when I am traveling. I also have two other similar tanks buried filled with food, water, meds, etc. Even if my home burns down I still have all my preps. Got all three tanks on sale for $1200. I have rifles that cost more than that. I’ve never found an affordable safe that is watertight, fireproof, or the teeniest tiny bit theft proof.

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