The Best Articles of Spring 2017

Summer is here and, if we look back at some of the amazing things that’ve been posted on the site, we’d have a hard time doing that. Nevertheless, I found the most important ones you should read, so please check them out before they disappear in the site’s pagination.

Ways to save money homesteading

Homesteading doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s really the art of cutting corners, and Teresa wills how you which corners to cut. Read the article >>

The Martial Law Fiction Novel by Jack Woods

We published several chapters this spring, feel free to browse the chapters here and pick up where you left off. They’re in reverse chronological order (newest first).

Assembling a First Aid Kit

If you ever fainted, had a heart attack or are simply older, you should definitely consider a first aid kit as part of your everyday carry. Compactness and lightness are key; Meagan tells us what to pack here.

The Application of Bees in Home Defense and Fortification

A very unusual way of defending your home. Plus, you get some honey in the process. Dyann tells us all about it here.

How to Wrap Paracord

A fantastic article by Eric W. on how to wrap paracord, with lots of photos and videos. Read it here.

11 Plants You Can Grow Indoors

If you want to keep part of your renewable food supply inside the house where it’s safe, Teresa gives you 11 plant ideas for that.

How to Battle Harden Your BOB

One of my favorites this spring. Tom from tells us how to “prepare our bug out bag” against the elements and any possible accidents. Read it here.

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