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Who Got to Trump?

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“I don’t know about you people, but the latest news pisses me off.” (Oh by the way …this article is mostly opinion and rated PG 13. The opinions expressed here should be the opinions of every American that is a patriot of this country) Moving right along…   Is it …

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The Hidden Truth behind the Spread of Democracy

America has been spreading their brand, the newest version of “Democracy,” around the world for generations. It all sounds quite righteous doesn’t it? We all understand the meaning of the word… don’t we? The bringing to the world of a homespun version of the enviable American way of life homemade …

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Critical: Ways In Which You Could You Lose Your Land

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The issues today regarding property rights are much bigger than the average person realizes these days. I have a twenty-year back ground in dealing with real property for the oil Industry. Real property is the term used for land and real estate issues of property and its ownership. This is …

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