Advertise With Us

Rare opportunity to advertise on one of the top survival websites.

Why rare? Let me give you a few reasons…

  • We’re one of the fastest growing websites on the Internet. While most publish 1-2 articles a week, we publish 1-2 articles a DAY. We’re at 580 articles and counting.
  • We’re a team of kick-ass preppers who’ve set their bar way high, so our readers get the best of the best content. Everyone from WND to APN and Backdoor Survival complimented us.
  • We’ve got traffic. Lots of traffic. over 100,000 page views a month, 300,000 Alexa rank and almost 15,000 subscribers.
  • Some of the big names, such as Agora, The Concealed Network, Health Sciences Institute and others have been advertising with us month after month, especially via e-mail, where they get at least 500 clicks for each promo, not too shabby considering my low prices.

So what are your options?

  1. A newsletter promo. We can send dedicated drop to our list and you can expect a 13% open rate and about a 18% CTR. Maybe more, maybe less, but I’ve seen drops that generated over 1,000 clicks. Not too shabby for the price.
  2. A 300×250 banner in the sidebar. There are 4 available spots.
    • Spot 1 is above the fold, the first things in the sidebar. My affiliate banners get about 0.6% CTR and they’ve been there for a while.advertising spot 1
    • Spot 2 is at about 0.32% CTR:advertising spot 2
    • The 3rd and 4th 300×250 banners is in the sticky sidebar, right at the end. We have a lot of lengthy articles, and the readers who click those love us:options 3 and 4

Now What?

Well, I can’t share any numbers here (they are changing constantly, anyway, because we’re growing steadily), but why not contact me, Dan F. Sullivan, using the form below, and let me know what method you’d like to test first? Then we can talk about scaling and discounts.

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