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14 Easy Solar Cooking Recipes

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When TSHTF, you may not be able to use your oven, but you may be able to use a solar cooker which you can either buy or make for yourself. All of the recipes shown here take at most 4 hours to make and require 10 ingredients or less. Bon …

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Zeroing a Scope for Long and Short Distance Shots

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Well as sure as I am that I’m writing this, I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with me, but this is how I have always zeroed my scopes and it works for me. Although I’m not a professionally trained “scope zero-er” I can still consistently hit plate sized …

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How to Make a Solar Still

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In a survival situation, water can be one of the most difficult items to obtain. Seeing as it is the most important key to surviving if one were to become lost in the wild, it is a good idea to learn ways of obtaining it. One method that you can …

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Improvised Arms and Ammunition Part 3

DYI Shovel Axe and DYI Knife Pike

Improvised Stabbies: The DYI Shovel Axe and the DYI Knife Pike Some people like to be prepared for pretty much anything you can think of. They keep food and water, medicines, guns and ammunition, and just an endless myriad of supplies and equipment stashed away for bad times. In the …

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How to Build a Basic Snare with Paracord

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Practicing survival skills is the same as practicing any skill. Outcome can be influenced dramatically when you practice. When you may need certain skills to eat or stay alive in a survival situation, knowledge of the correct way and some practice beforehand can give you higher odds on being more …

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Survival Uses for Alcohol: Vodka, Whiskey, and Rum

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When writing articles about potential survival situations like SHTF or TEOTWAWKI, we need to consider the many uses of the items we will have on hand. So many things have a multitude of uses. It’s a good idea to get acquainted with them, so we can prep our stockpile accordingly. …

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Making Your Own Dog Food

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When considering the future and preparing for a SHTF situation, you will have to analyze the many problems you will be faced with and how you can best solve them. Part of this will be family members and their special needs. I will not debate the advantages vs. the disadvantages …

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DIY Solar Powered Water Heater

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Without the Sun, the Earth would just be a big dark ball of rock and ice floating through empty, desolate space. Nothing, or anyone you know, would ever have been. Nothing, or anyone, would ever be. There would be no life as we know it. Oh sure, it’s possible, maybe …

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