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How to Grow Cucamelons (AKA Mexican Sour Gherkin)

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Now here is a designer vegetable that is easy to grow and nutritious.  Children will be enchanted with the cucamelon that looks like a tiny watermelon just a little larger than the first joint of a finger – around ½ to 1 inch long. They taste like a cucumber with …

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How to Make Your Garden Portable

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One thing just about any prepper can agree is necessary to survive an extended SHTF event or economic collapse is the ability to feed yourself and your family especially as your food stockpile dwindles. One great way to do this, of course, is to have a survival garden and grow …

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30 Survival Items Under $30

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When I first got into prepping and survival, I felt the need to go out and buy as much gear and I could find. I think this is probably a normal reaction as you learn about the different ways to survive in different situations. However, as soon as I started …

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How It Feels To Be Shot

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Anybody who has ever seen an action movie has wondered how it feels to be shot. In some cases the person drops like a rock. In others they shake it off and say “just a flesh wound”. Of course these are just movies. There are plenty of real people we …

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Preppers on the Run-Chapter 3 Stranger Danger

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This chapter is part of the Preppers on the Run Series. You can read the rest of the chapters here: Chapter 1:The Escape Chapter 2:The Journey Begins Chapter 3: [currently reading] — Sandra watched proudly as Robby and Susie moved through the woods ahead of her. They had been walking along the …

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How to Dig a Spring on Your Own

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Whether you buy a piece of ground with the eye to establishing a survival farm or you already have a piece of ground with a spring you my want to look at digging, and ensure you have adequate water in a WROL situation. And that may not be so far …

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The Best Budget AR-15

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The AR-15 is currently the best-selling rifle in America, and for good reason.  It’s practical both as a hunting and combat weapon and it’s fully modular. It can be configured however you like, and it’s an easy and ergonomic gun to shoot. For these reasons, the AR-15 is also one …

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How to Handle Death and Injury When SHTF

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If you find yourself caught in inescapable danger, more commonly known as SHTF (shit hits the fan), there’s no telling what will happen. The fate of you and your companions will all depend on your reaction time, quick thinking, and immediate response before, during, and after the situation. Ideally, you’ll …

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Accidents Will Happen to Preppers

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There are several reasons to prep for emergencies and disasters. Prepping helps increase your chances of survival should you find yourself in critical situations of life and death. It gives you a basic idea of the worst that can happen and what things you can do to survive. It prepares …

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The Best Concealed Carry Revolver

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The increasingly common acts of violence in the modern world means that the incentive to carry a self-defense weapon is higher than ever. Pistols offer the best balance between concealability and power and are becoming a must have defensive option. While most will opt for a magazine fed semi-auto, revolvers …

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What Would You Do in These Survival Situations?

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One paradox of survival is that many of us have been conditioned to do the wrong thing. Between movies, survival shows, and just everyday modern society, most people would not last a day in a survival situation. Until you really do your research and put that knowledge into practice, your …

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The Top Spots in the US to Bug Out

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When you plan a bug out strategy, the location is one of the most important considerations. I think some people plan to just grab their bug-out bag and start walking. That is a recipe for disaster. To be successful you need to carefully plan a bug out location along with …

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How to Pick the Right Survival Weapon

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updated by Reaper 01/08/2018 Having a survival weapon is an absolute necessity for camping, hiking, bushcraft, or if you’re just lost in the wilderness.  Not only do you need a weapon to protect yourself from any animals or people who threaten you, you also need it to be able to …

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How to Inspect Your Survival Stockpile

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Being prepared for disaster is an ongoing process.  It’s not something you just do one time and then forget about until disaster strikes.  This means that once you’ve collected your stockpile and written down plans for each and every disaster scenario that could hit your way, you don’t just leave …

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How and Where to Store Your Ammo Stockpile

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update by Reaper 01/08/2018 When your gun doesn’t have the ammunition required to fire it, it’s little more than a poor club.  While firearms provide any person with the best means of self-defense and security in a survival situation, they’re borderline useless without working a huge impact on how well …

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AK-47 vs Ak-74. What’s the Difference?

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updated by Reaper 01/08/2018 The Kalashnikov or AK series of rifles is currently one of the most popular weapons on the face of the planet, and because of that they have also become one of the most popular options as a primary fighting rifles for preppers.  In fact, the AK …

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The Ultimate Guide to Primitive Living

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Living and surviving are two of the most important goals of this world for all its creatures. In the face of a perceived threat, animals react with whatever defensive measures that they are equipped with. Placed in a situation of catastrophe, human beings grapple for some sort of control and …

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Making your Shelter Invisible

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Many survival sites discuss being visible in a survival situation. They talk about signaling for rescue with smoke or signal mirrors. They talk about the fastest way to be spotted by other people. What if you do not want to be seen? What if you have escaped from captors and …

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Survival Questions to Ask Yourself Before it Hits

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This is a grim topic, for me, but imagine that day has finally come. Perhaps it’s signaled by a bright flash that wakes you early in the morning, or the economic demise of an entire planet splashes across your TV screen, coupled with the slow painful ache of another, yet …

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