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Stevie grew up in the woods of Oregon eventually ending up in the heart of the Alaska wilderness. An avid adventurer, she spends her time traveling the states and beyond to explore and understand other cultures and documenting through journalism.

15 Survival Apps You Need as a Prepper Right Now

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Your cell phone isn’t necessarily the first thing that pops into your head when you think of tracking your way out of the wilderness, foraging and hunting in the wild or surviving TEOTWAWKI. Think again. Even an experienced prepper or outdoor adventurer can use a smart phone to close the …

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How To Climb A Tree

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The ability to climb trees can be nostalgic and enjoyable as a pastime, but also a means of survival as well. If SHTF or if you ever became lost in the woods, knowing of tree’s numerous resources could mean the difference between life and death for you. Not only to …

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Bivy Bags

The nylon layer of a tent that lies between you and the outdoors disappears leaving you completely immersed in your surroundings. Starry skies, the sunrise and the breeze on your face are completely open to your view and only enhance the experience with a liberating sensation of what it is …

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